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Green Marketing Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Transparency , product stewardship or life cycle management are some of the key hallmarks of any business, especially eco-centric businesses. Ben Grossman, through his guest lecture at Tufts University wants to bring home the point that a business can improve its branding and green marketing by concentrating on the basics.  I had the privilege of guest […]

April 2nd

Clorox Launches Mobile App That Reveals Ingredients in its Products

The Clorox Company last week launched its new Ingredients Inside smartphone application and mobile website. Now smartphone users have immediate access to information about Clorox ingredients for their household and commercial disinfecting, cleaning and laundry products in the U.S. and Canada. Next Step? Explain how the ingredients affect planet and human health.

January 26th

SC Johnson Withdraws "Greenlist" Logo- Lessons in Greenwashing

SC Johnson will stop using the “Greenlist™” logo in its current form on Windex® products. The company has reached an agreement on two lawsuits regarding use of its logo and the parties have agreed to an undisclosed settlement.

The Greenlist™ logo was intended to signify that the Windex® products had achieved the highest internal ratings according to the company’s patented Greenlist™ process. The lawsuit resulted as plaintiffs opined that Greenlist™ was an internally developed process rather than that of a third-party and that the logo implied the products included environmentally friendly ingredients.

July 11th

Jeffrey Hollender & Seventh Generation: Lessons Learned at the End of a Chapter

Jeffrey Hollender was unceremoniously ousted from Seventh Generation, a company he founded and worked tirelessly at for 23 years. There was much speculation about the entire episode when his profile disappeared from the company website and Ecopreneurist covered the story under “Managing and Disclosing at 7th Generation: Where’s Jeffrey Hollender?” More controversy followed when there […]

June 27th

Can a Green Business Manufacture in China?

Ecopreneurist recently received a question from a reader about whether manufacturing an eco-friendly product in China is a good idea.  We thought his question would make a good topic for discussion and encourage other Ecopreneurist readers to give Chris your advice too by commenting below. Chris wrote, “I have designed some great eco-friendly items […that…] […]

November 6th