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CA Chambers of Commerce Members Prove Energy Efficiency is Profitable

Small Business California has published a new booklet 32 Examples of Chambers of Commerce & Chamber Members in California: Leading the Clean Energy Economy. The booklet profiles local California chambers of commerce and their members who are demonstrating how recovering profits through energy efficiency can help strengthen the chamber, its business members and the community. From the Booklet: […]

September 15th

Interview with Jamie Wimberly, CEO EcoAlign, publisher of "Green Gap Redux: Green Words Gone Wrong"

All this talk about going green, do we really know what exactly it means?  Companies invest millions in trying to segment the green market. There’s the BBMG Conscious Consumer Report.  The Roper Green Gauge. The Landor ImagePower Green Brands Survey.  And on and on..( many segments, so little time!) Maybe more importantly: When we talk […]

October 16th

Cracking The Green Code

EcoAlign, the group that brought you the research that found that consumers pay attention to the ENERGY STAR label, just released their third report of the Project Energy Code series, Cracking the Green Code. This report, like other EcoAlign research is a provocative and thought-provoking exploration of the “causes and consequences of effective communications in […]

April 15th

Undress for Success!

As mentioned last week in my post about greening HR, telecommuting is often cited as one of the most valuable (to both employers and employees) green benefit to offer. Telecommuting has been credited with a variety of advantages including improved work/family balance, supervisor-staff relationships, job satisfaction, worker retention, productivity and career prospects, as well as […]

October 8th

How Green Is Your Company? Consumers Want To Know!

Another study reveals/confirms that consumers want to know more about the environmental activities of the companies they patronize. A new study from the Natural Marketing Institute reports that consumers are “interested in learning about what companies are doing to…” Recycle – 62% Reduce waste – 60% Reduce air pollution – 59% Reduce energy consumption – […]

September 10th

Ecopreneurs Practicing “Intelligent Fast Failure”, like Green Biodiesel LLC

Civil and environmental professor and ecopreneur-inventor Jack V. Matson, PhD. dedicates his life to practicing “intelligent fast failure,” an expression he coined to capture the essence of innovation. It’s captured in his irreverently titled book, Innovate or Die: A Personal Perspective on the Art of Innovation. As an ecopreneur, he started an environmental design firm, […]

September 3rd