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One answer to food deserts might be this innovative greenhouse system

A group of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs wants to bring fresh, local, organic food to backyards and communities around the world, and they’re doing it with a specially designed greenhouse system described as a “self-contained, year-round, all-natural grocery store.” The lifePOD system is a moveable greenhouse structure with a full array of complementary growing technologies that […]

April 24th

Green Business Ideas: Permaculture and Urban Farming

Green business opportunities abound in permaculture design, urban farming, and local food production, whether it’s producing veggies and fruit in your backyard (or leasing the yards of others) or turning local produce into value-added products or helping others convert their yards into food forests. If you’ve got a green thumb, love working outdoors, want to […]

January 15th

A turnkey scalable system for commercial urban farming

Opportunities abound for creating a sustainable business in the new food economy, and with the rising demand for year-round local organic produce, developing an urban farm could be one answer for an ecopreneur looking to help build a strong local food system and generate an income. But if you don’t have access to open space […]

December 11th

An Urban Micro-Farm in a Mobile Box

Do you want to help change the nature of food production for urban consumers and reduce your community’s carbon footprint at the same time? One way to that goal is by producing more local and sustainable food, even in the heart of the city. One promising solution bypasses the need for a plot of land […]

November 5th

Farmigo Provides Easy CSA Management Solutions to Farmers

People are increasingly demanding local, organic and fresh produce and CSA’s are gaining in popularity. But farmers are entrepreneurs with real business goals and CSA’s can prove to be a reliable source of income each month. But it’s not all so rosy. Farmers need to spend a lot of time on emails and calls dealing with member payment and delivery questions, payment status, problems with member checks and members on vacation receiving unclaimed produce – all chores that farmers are not always efficient at and that are definitely time-consuming. Community members on the other hand complain about the service.
The Farmigo team set out on a mission to apply its extensive software and internet expertise to enable farms to work together and provide their produce directly to people in their communities.

August 15th