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Envision Hawaii Social Enterprise Speaker Series: Spencer Toyama

This is part of a series of articles written about Envision Hawaii, Honolulu’s monthly First Tuesday gathering that showcases the coolest, greenest goings-on in the emerald of the Pacific. Ecopreneurist is proud to be the official media sponsor of Envision Hawaii….see previous Envision Hawaii articles and speakers here.  This month’s Envision Hawaii First Tuesday speaker […]

September 4th

Hawaii Becomes First State in U.S. to Ban Plastic Bags

Following the City Council’s 7-1 vote in favor, Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle signed SB2511, a bill banning plastic bags in retail stores yesterday across Honolulu County, which comprises the island of Oahu and Hawaii’s capitol city of Honolulu. What makes the bill’s passage extra significant is that Hawaii’s other counties had previously banned plastic bags, meaning that Hawaii has just officially enacted the first full statewide ban on plastic bags in the nation.

May 16th

KonaRed Energy Drinks Serves Up A Market For Coffee Bean Wastes

KonaRed is turning the coffee berry into a sports drink. This previously discarded fruit portion of the coffee plant is a whole new market now, providing coffee growers a shot in the arm and diverting waste.

KonaRed is the fruit of the commonly known coffee plant, sourced from Kona Coffee – grown only in the Kona district on the west side of the Big Island, Hawaii. Before Kona Coffee emerges as a rich coffee bean and can make its way into coffee mugs, it has to be stripped off its skin. An estimated 40 million pounds of coffee fruit and skin gets tossed away annually in Hawaii. High labor costs make composting unviable for the coffee farmers. So when Shaun Roberts came along to buy this fruit, he was more than welcome.

December 26th

Sustainable Economic Development? Green Jobs? Hawai'i? All in One Board Game!

Scott Cooney, resident of Hawai’i, founder of, and author of ‘Build a Green Small Business’ (McGraw-Hill), has created the ‘Green Economy Board Game’ that brings sustainable economic development, green job opportunities and Hawai’i all together!
This game makes sustainability come to life in a fun, interactive way. Players are investors looking to make more than just financial returns by helping local entrepreneurs in Hawai’i develop sustainability-oriented businesses like organic farms, geothermal plants, green building companies, solar installers, and bike shops. The game is ideal for those who are interested in sustainability as a better way to do business, and can be played by 2-6 players ages 13+.

September 9th