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Discount on 3 Days of Green & Socially Conscious Business Profitability Training, May 22-24

As green and socially conscious businesses, so many of us struggle to… Market our green products and services Find new audiences Identify new opportunities to go green—and new products and services to offer Create win-win partnerships Profit while addressing the toughest problems of our time Ready for extra help? May 22-24, 2015, green/social change business […]

March 6th

Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 1)

This blog originally posted to the SAP Business Innovations for Sustainability Blog, cross-posted with permission. Common Wealth Contributions By Business Much to the annoyance of some past bosses, I have a habit of asking in meetings, “Why are we doing this, and what are we hoping to achieve?” The economic turbulence of the last dozen years has led to […]

July 18th

3 Steps to Great Content Marketing For Green Brands

It’s the hot new buzz word and seems simple at a glance. But how does a green brand…or any brand for that matter put together a strong content marketing program that drives consumers to purchase.

Note that I said, “drive consumers to purchase”, not “drive traffic to the website”. Because website traffic is not the end goal and much of content marketing can be done outside of company properties.

July 9th

Breaking Into The Mass Market With A Green Offering

Developing an environmentally focused product or service can sometimes lead to companies restricting their potential customer base. While it is vital to get an initial foothold in the green and ethical sphere where consumers and businesses are actively looking for the solutions you offer, to reach more people and make more of a difference, the mass market has to be pursued.

March 5th