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Disrupt Agriculture: A Startup Accelerator for Food System Entrepreneurs

This spring, four entrepreneurs with promising early-stage startups working in food and agriculture will get a chance to bring their dreams closer to reality through a unique startup accelerator program near Omaha, Nebraska. Disrupt Agriculture, which is the second accelerator program from Year of the Startup, will house four entrepreneurs in a farmhouse on an […]

February 2nd

These Hoppers Could Power Your Next Workout: Cricket Bars

If you weren’t raised eating bugs, errm, insects, the thought of crunching down on something that crawls out from under a log may not sound very appealing. But in many places around the world, protein is where you can find it, not just stuck between two buns at a burger joint, or packed into a […]

August 12th

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Delivered by Parachute

The mobile food revolution seems to mostly involve food trucks, food delivery services, and bicycle food deliveries, but for a decidedly low-tech take on food service, this project uses gravity to get its sandwiches in the hands of its customers. Jafflechutes pairs a toasted grilled cheese sandwich (a jaffle) with a handmade parachute, which is […]

April 28th

FarmLogs Data Platform Aims to Make the Future of Farming Smarter

If your only experience with growing food is in your garden, on a small scale, you can be forgiven for thinking that farming is a low-tech endeavor. But like most other businesses, technology has an important place in large-scale farming, whether it’s for agricultural implements and machinery or used for monitoring and tracking data that […]

March 31st

RFID Technology Startup Tackles Perishables Freshness

With such a huge food system, where produce and other perishables have to travel long distances to get to market, possibly through several middlemen, there are a lot of variables along the way that can affect how fresh the food is by the time it arrives, including the temperatures they’re exposed to and the time […]

March 19th