Human Resources

HR for green businessAn entrepreneur’s greatest asset: the team

Building a green small business will likely require you to put systems in place, hire the right people, train them to carry your vision forward, and keep them motivated and happy. How do you find smart, motivated people? How do you train them? What technologies should you use to manage them? And how do you set up rewards and incentive programs?

In this series, Ecopreneurist highlights some best practices in human resources for entrepreneurs.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.37.05 PMAdvisory Boards for the Mission-Driven Company

Putting together an advisory board for your company can help you drive successful strategy. Think of the advisory board as your sounding board–the people you trust, and whose opinion you value. This white paper, courtesy of, shows you how to recruit, effectively manage, and get the most out of a volunteer group of business minds that can help you come out of the weeds from time to time, and make sure that your vision and strategy remain clear.

Download the white paper here.
Telecommute for the environmentThe HR advantage of green businesses (and how to maximize it)

This article explores the advantages you have in recruitment, retention, and employee engagement due to being a company that cares about more than just profit. Tips for making sure HR remains engaged, having fun, and being productive are also provided.
OfficeWorkersSigns of trouble with people working at mission-driven companies

People work for mission-driven startups for any number of reasons, but sh*t can hit the fan quickly if they suddenly have a change of heart. This article explores some common challenges in managing human resources in mission driven companies, and what to do now…before it ever gets to that point (hoping, of course, that it never does).