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Founded in 2009, Powershop UK claims to be a new breed of the energy supplier, offering power-up packs that have never been seen before.

These packs allow customers to buy their electricity in advance, which then means that they will be paying less in the long run.

Considering the company now has around 100,000 customers and a presence in 3 countries, it looks like these energy saving pioneers are here to stay.

Costs and Fees

For an approximate of the annual costs, you might expect from a medium use household, see the table below.

Keep in mind that these are baseline costs, and Powershop UK offers many power packs to help customers save money on their energy use.

For more information about packs, see the core services and offering section below.

Powershop Lite – Fixed Term Tariff August 2018 Issue 4 £1339.94 per year
Powershop Pro Top shopper £1186.07 per year
Powershop Pro First Year Promise £1618.22 per year
Powershop Pro Baseline £1662.47 per year

Core services & offering

As well as offering energy, Powershop UK has these benefits for their customers.

Power Packs

A power pack is a ‘special offer’, which is a set amount of energy that you can buy at the time for a discounted rate. Powershop UK offers up to five of these packs a month, and they will email you as soon as they are available.

Each one is different, but some of them could cover four days worth of energy!

Special Packs: These are only available for a set amount of time.

Top Up Packs: Are always available so that you can chip away at your monthly bill.

Future Packs: If you want to plan, these packs allow you to save money in the winter months by paying for electricity in advance.

To buy packs, all you have to do is visit their online shop, click add to cart, make the purchase and that’s it!

Electric Vehicle

Power your home and your car with 100% renewable electricity.

✔One tariff for both your house and your car
✔Buy power packs in advance for discounts
✔Great prices
✔Dual fuel or electricity only

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Powershop has mixed reviews.

Some customers state that their customer service is excellent and fix their issues straight away, but others think that this company is going through teething problems due to how new the company is to the market, and it’s size.

Positive Customer Support Review

Alexandra Zouridaki on Trustpilot:

Their customer service is awesome, I used the ‘contact us’ form through the app, and then they emailed me back within a day. I phoned customer service to confirm a refund when I closed my account and didn’t have to wait on the line as I was immediately put through to an agent.

Negative Customer Support Review

Hamed on Trustpilot:

Please Powershop, sort out your processes and get some systems in place to deal with things like authorised people on the account. Please also train your staff on these systems, they don’t seem to understand what an authorised person is at all.

Contract Length and Fees

Powershop Lite Powershop Pro Powershop EV Pro
Fixed price energy Variable monthly payments Fixed rate energy for two years
Fixed monthly payments Enter meter readings weekly
Make extra savings with Powerpacks
Fixed term tariff Shop for Powerpacks to get extra savings
Available for fully electric vehicle drivers only

Powershop UK Reviews

Powershop UK has an average rating on Trustpilot, with a 3-star rating taken from just over 100 reviews. 46% of these reviews are positive, and 37% are negative, with the rest falling in the middle.

Although online reviews aren’t always reliable, you should still consider them when deciding whether to switch energy suppliers, as it is an essential aspect of your day-to-day life.

Positive Powershop UK Review

Ian Sewell on Trustpilot:

I’m really glad that I discovered Powershop UK after many years of the big six continually updating my direct debit on a whim. With PS I’m now in complete control for a few minutes a week (Powershop Pro). I’m now analytical about how I’m using power – recently switched the whole house to Led lighting – and my next project is to replace my ageing storage heaters with energy efficient heaters and a wood burner.

Negative Powershop UK Review

Nicholas Courtis on Trustpilot:

No way of checking what their actual tariffs are that you get charged for. Not itemised on a bill as to what the actual daily standing charge and unit rate (pence per kWh) that has been paid for. Not possible to verify that the rates as advertised on the price comparison websites are what you get.

Company Comparison

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Powershop UK
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year No
The average cost for dual fuel three bedrooms home £82 £78 £90.00 £98
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 46% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

Powershop UK would be an excellent fit for customers that want more control over their energy than ever before. Buy power packs and benefit from paying for your power in advance. This could give you incredible savings as long as you stay engaged with their offers.


Powershop UK Review
  • Price
  • Range of services
  • Customer support


Powershop is an interesting newcomer to the UK market offering customers something they have never had before, multiple discounts on a monthly basis to help customers control when they pay for their energy and how much in advance.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple discounts offered a month
  • Fixed and variable tariffs available


  • They do not offer a wide range of services
  • Some customers have been confused by the power pack system