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Launched in 2009, OVO has a mission to supply customers with affordable, greener and simpler energy. They currently have around 680,000 customers which is a 2.5% share of the UK domestic energy market, claiming to save customers around £150 on average a year.

They claim to bring excellent customer service, precise information and most importantly honesty to a ‘broken industry’.

Why join OVO? This is what they say:

  • Stay in control of your energy by checking your balance and submitting meter readings online
  • Protect the planet with 33% renewable energy for tariffs as standard
  • Be rewarded when you stay in credit with 3% OVO balance increase
  • Save money – you could be saving £98

Costs and Fees

Better Energy Simpler Energy 2 Year Fixed
Average monthly price £88 £89 £91
Fixed rate units one year 0 years two years
Exit fees £60 £0 £60
Online discount £30 per fuel a year
3% interest reward

Core services & offering

As well as offering gas and electricity to their customers, OVO Energy also has these benefits for their customers.

Electric Vehicles

OVO offers an ‘EV everywhere bundle’, which is a home energy plan for people who have an Electric Vehicle.

✔Free polar plus membership
✔2 year fixed plan
✔100% renewable energy
✔Available for Economy 7 customers
✔No price rises for two years
✔£50 off a smart charge point
✔Energy analysis

Smart Meters

Smart Meters track your energy usage so your supplier will only charge you for the energy that you use, meaning an end to estimated billing. The government hopes that every home will have one of these by 2020, as they are the next generation of meters to help customers learn where their energy is going and how they can save.

✔Track your spending
✔See costly appliances
✔No need to take meter readings as the smart meter does it for you
✔More accurate billing

Smart Storage Heaters

For the first time, you can have complete control over your heating. OVO Energy has expert engineers that will fit a VCharge Dynamo to every storage heater in your home, which can include your water heater.

✔Decide how much heat you want in each room and when
✔Low energy bills
✔Take control by adjusting your temperature via their simple app
✔Time your heating so you can go to sleep warm without waking up boiling hot

Home Energy Storage

Exclusive to OVO Energy customers, Home Energy Storage is a free trial to store your excess energy when the energy grid has low demand, but when it is high, it transfers that energy back.

What are the benefits for you?

✔Make the grid greener
✔Get money off your energy bills
✔Develop home energy with OVO

See more here.

Ovo Foundation

The OVO Foundation was created to solve significant social issues. 90,000 customers donate each month, helping OVO to find and fund innovative ideas to help make the world a better place.

✔Allows people to access energy, to save lives and improve education
✔Gives homeless youth independence
✔Helps provide the education for those from less advantaged backgrounds
✔When you donate, they double it
✔Through Project Jua, OVO has brought electricity to 20 schools and health facilities in Kenya

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, OVO has mixed reviews. Many of their positive reviews are down to the friendly, polite staff which they say is one of the best things about this energy supplier.

Some of the negative reviews are regarding long wait times, but this can happen for a variety of reasons and doesn’t necessarily guarantee you will run into the same issues.

Positive Customer Support Review

Georgina on Trustpilot:

More than anything else I value the attitude and polite help I have always been afforded whenever I have phoned Ovo, to ask any queries I may have had. Thankyou.

Negative Customer Support Review

Howard Paynter on Trustpilot:

Very poor service. Ovo seems to have an identity crisis with Boost, fails to answer ‘phone within 15 mins., plays annoying “music” on hold, fails to address the problem I encountered while trying to give meter readings. OVO needs to get its act together. If it doesn’t, then I shall leave.

Contract Length and Fees

Better Energy 2 Year Fixed Energy Simpler Energy
Average Yearly Savings Save up to £98 a year Save up to £58 a year Save up to £95 a year
Online Discount
3% – 5% interest awards
Exit Fees £30 per fuel £30 per fuel None
Upgrade to Green 33% or 100% Renewables 33% or 100% Renewables 33% or 100% Renewables
Length 12 months 2 years No length

OVO Reviews

OVO generally has a positive customer reputation, with a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. 75% of their reviews are positive, and only 5% fall into the negative category, with the rest falling somewhere in the middle.

Positive OVO Review

Moya on Trustpilot:

Meter was installed quickly and efficiently and have now had for 2-3 years approximately. Have had nothing to complain about and have online statements which are very easy to understand.

Negative OVO Review

Mr Murray on Trustpilot:

Ovo will soon become Over if they keep making mistakes with the billing. They blame the ‘smart meter’ and most other things for their incompetence. They think nothing of taking up to four times more than your average monthly bill at once to make up for their past miscalculations.

Company Comparison

Company Bulb So Energy Affect OVO Energy
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year £30 per fuel online discount
The average cost for dual fuel three bedroom home £82 £78 £90.00 £88
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 75% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

OVO Energy is an excellent fit for customers that want to make use of their energy-saving benefits, like free trials for energy storage and smart storage heaters.


OVO Review
  • Price
  • Range of services
  • Customer support


OVO Energy has a wide variety of benefits for their customers that further help their mission to make energy greener and to provide people with more energy-saving solutions. With a high rating on Trustpilot and a foundation to help those at risk of fuel poverty, this energy company has the benefit of being competitively priced and has excellent service.


  • Lots of energy saving schemes
  • High 4-star rating on Trustpilot
  • A wide range of services


  • Customers have reported longer waiting times
  • Exit fees apply