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Green Energy UK

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Green Energy UK doesn’t claim to want to be one of the biggest energy suppliers; they want you to have a choice to move to 100% renewable energy.

Is this more cost-effective? What do their customers say?

This guide will give you the low-down about this green energy company.


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Founded in 2001 by Douglas Stewart, Green Energy UK is one of the only companies to not offer renewable energy as an alternative, but as it’s sole offering.

Customers seem to hold the company in high regard, with 70% positive reviews on Trustpilot and only 2% falling within the negative category.

Costs and Fees

See the tables below for the Sparkling and Tide tariffs and costs.

These are just estimates, so for an accurate quote you need to request one from Green Energy UK, they will consider factors like your location, your energy usage and the size of your home.

You can use this as a guide for comparing energy suppliers, however, but for more see the company comparison section.

Sparkling Tariff



Green Energy (UK) plc Green Energy (UK) plc
Name Name
Sparkling Green Gas
Type Type
Variable Variable
Method of Payment Method of Payment
Monthly Direct Debit Monthly Direct Debit
Single Rate Tariff Gas
Standing Charge (per day) (per supply) Standing Charge (per day) (per supply)
26.87p 25.75p
Rate per Unit (p/kWh) Rate per Unit (p/kWh)
17.00p 3.90p
Ends On Ends On
No End Date No End Date
Guaranteed Costs Until Guaranteed Costs Until
Termination Fee Termination Fee
None None
Discounts Discounts
None None
Additional Products
Additional Products
Free Energy Saving Advice Free Energy Saving Advice
Illustrative electricity cost on this tariff Illustrative gas cost on this tariff
Single Rate Tariff Gas Tariff
Assumed Annual Consumption (kWh) Assumed Annual Consumption (kWh)
3100 12000
Tariff Comparison Rate (per kWh) Tariff Comparison Rate (per kWh)
20.16p 4.68p
Annual projection Annual projection
£625.08 £561.99

Tide Tariff



Green Energy (UK) plc Green Energy (UK) plc
Name Name
Type Type
Evergreen Evergreen
Method of Payment Method of Payment
Monthly Direct Debit Monthly Direct Debit
Electricity Gas
Standing Charge (per day) (per supply) Standing Charge (per day) (per supply)
26.02 25.75p
Rate per Unit (p per kWh) Rate per Unit (per kWh)
6.41p 3.52p
Rate per Unit (p per kWh) Tariff Ends On
14.02p No End Date
Rate per Unit (p per kWh) Guaranteed Costs Until
29.99p Not Applicable
Ends On Termination Fee
No End Date None
Guaranteed Costs Until Discounts And Additional Charges
Not Applicable None
Termination Fee
Additional Products Or Services Included
None Free energy saving advice
Discounts And Additional Charges Illustrative gas cost on this tariff
None Gas Tariff
Additional Products Or Services Included Assumed Annual Consumption (kWh)
Free energy saving advice 12500
Illustrative electricity cost on this tariff Tariff Comparison Rate (per kWh)
Electricity Tariff 4.32p
Assumed Annual Consumption (kWh) Annual projection
4300 £0.00
Tariff Comparison Rate (per kWh)
Annual projection

Core services & offering

Smart Meters

What is a smart meter? A smart meter is the new generation of technology to help you save money on your monthly bill by giving your supplier your actual energy usage, rather than an estimation based on various changing variables.

Plus, you can get one which will be installed for free too!

According to Smart Energy GB, if everyone got a smart meter, there would be enough energy saved to be able to power Aberdeen, Cardiff and Manchester for a year.


Green Energy UK is one of the first energy companies to offer a tariff that is based on the time of day that you use your energy. The company claims that this puts you, the customer, in control by choosing what time of day you want to use your power and gives you transparent information about what that means to your bill.

  • Get a free smart meter with your Tide tariff
  • Take control of your energy consumption
  • Automatically send information to your supplier with your smart meter
  • See and control your electricity usage
  • Learn to lower your costs by using energy at night

Electric Vehicles

Green Energy has advice for electronic car users too. They say that electric cars have a timer that means you can set when your vehicle charges. With their tide tariff, this means that charging your car overnight would be a lot cheaper than loading it in the day.

Customer Support

Green Energy UK has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, with only 4% of almost 500 reviews negative.

Many of these positive reviews state that the company has an excellent customer service team, who they say is helpful and polite.

Positive Customer Support Review

Andrew on Trustpilot:

Excellent company. Good prices but most importantly my experience with customer service has been sublime. I needed a copy of my bill for a meeting, but they had the name listed incorrectly. After a 2 minute call, they have fixed the name and resent me the correct bill. Great experience.

Negative Customer Support Review

Chris on Trustpilot:

If you need anything from Green Energy UK, you are going to have to wait weeks/months/years/lifetimes for it to happen. Every email I have had from them I reply to within an hour, and then it takes at least three days before I hear anything back.

Green Energy UK Reviews

With a high rating of 4-stars on Trustpilot plus 70% of those reviews are in the 5-star positive category, it seems like Green Energy UK has a very positive customer reputation.

Although online reviews are not always accurate, it is still essential to take them into consideration when deciding whether to switch to a new energy company.

Positive Green Energy UK Review

Martin on Trustpilot:

I have been really happy with every aspect of Green Energy. Easy and efficient online account management, reasonable price increases when measured against larger companies and 100% renewable energy.

Negative Green Energy UK Review

Radford on Trustpilot:

I moved into a new house, and the developer picked Green Energy UK. They are very expensive, and the staffs attitude shocking. I have tried to switch, and they putt in objections every time to make it as hard as they can to stop you switching.

Company Comparison

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Green Energy UK
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year No
The average cost for dual fuel three bedrooms home £82 £78 £90.00 £98.92
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 70% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

Green Energy UK would be a good fit for companies or individuals who value green energy and would benefit from having an innovative smart tariff that lowers the cost of your energy at night.


Green Energy UK Review
  • Price
  • Customer support


Green Energy is a pioneer in the industry, not only because they offer completely renewable energy, but also because in 2010 they were the only privately owned company to give their customers shares for free. This means that customers have a say over how the company is run, giving you more control over your energy company than ever before.


  • 100% renewable energy
  • 4-star rating on Trustpilot
  • Contracts do not lock you in


  • Quotes do not offer an easy monthly estimated cost
  • Some customers have complained about price hikes
  • Tide tariff customers could be paying up to 500% more on their late afternoon energy usage