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In this article, we explore Gnergy reviews, rates, tariffs, and what it can offer you.

Here’s why you should consider switching to Gnergy. Do you dread getting your bills every other month? Tired of spending so much on your gas and electricity bills? Well, the truth is, by merely switching to a better deal you could still get reliable energy at cheaper rates.

So, where do you start? By letting us find you the best energy supplier in the market.

  • Gnergy promises to save you up to £200 every year if you switch to them
  • Clubs, community groups, and schools are eligible for special tariffs and deals from Gnergy
  • Customers get 3% off their energy bills if they pay via Direct Debit
  • Gnergy’s call centre provides customers with 24/7 support

Let’s jump right in.

Core Services & Offering

Gnergy was founded in 2014 by 200 ex-Gurkhas, this energy company’s headquarters is based in Farnborough, Hampshire.

Gnergy assures customers that by switching to them, you can be able to save up to £200 annually.

To find out if Gnergy will cut down your energy costs, feel free to fill out our quick and simple form at the top of the page.

Gnergy has some fantastic tariff plans. Let’s take a closer look.

Which Tariffs Does Gnergy Offer?

Below are the tariff offering available at Gnergy.

Fixed Tariff

  • Offers dual fuel only
  • Fixed contract
  • Payment is through Direct Debit
  • Statements sent on a monthly and annual basis via email
  • The exit fee is £25/fuel

Super Saver

  • The cheapest option for those using a single fuel
  • Meter readings are submitted online
  • Monthly payments are made via Direct Debit
  • Statements are sent on a monthly and yearly basis via email
  • The exit fee is not applicable

Standard Variable

  • You are billed quarterly
  • Payments made by internet banking, debit card, credit card, or cheque
  • Statements are sent annually
  • The exit fee is not applicable

Online Only Tariff

  • Offers dual fuel only
  • Fixed monthly Direct Debit payments
  • Meter readings are submitted online
  • The exit fee is not appropriate

Gnergy gives schools, community groups, and clubs special tariffs and deals.

Gnergy Online Offering

Gnergy’s website is quite easy to navigate. Using their Customer Portal, you can be able to manage your online account as well as submit your meter reads.

Did You Know?

If you pay via Direct Debit, Gnergy will give you a 3% discount on your energy bill.


Want to find out more about Gnergy? Directly call us today or fill our secure form at the top of the page.

Contract Lengths & Fees

Below are the estimated costs for energy supplied by Gnergy.

Region Tariff Annual Electricty Cost Annual Gas Cost Annual Dual Fuel Cost
National Average Super Saver £478.55 £631.39 £1109.94
  Fixed £536.98 £695.95 £1232.93
  Standard Variable £494.14 £651.01 £1145.15
Eastern Super Saver £470.32 £631.39 £1101.71
  Fixed £533.37 £695.95 £1229.31
  Standard Variable £490.27 £651.01 £1141.28
London  Super Saver £476.37 £631.39 £1107.76
  Fixed £536.39 £695.95 £1232.34
  Standard Variable £492.96 £651.01 £1143.97
South East England Super Saver £480.40 £631.39 £1111.79
  Fixed £539.39 £695.95 £1232.34
  Standard Variable £495.31 £651.01 £1146.32
Southern Super Saver £487.12 £631.39 £1118.51
  Fixed £541.77 £695.95 £1237.71
  Standard Variable £498.00 £651.01 £1149.01

There is no doubt that Gnergy has very competitive prices. Call us today to get your tailored quote.

How Do You Submit Your Meter Readings?

You can submit your meter reads in some ways:

  • Through their Client Portal
  • Via email using
  • Call their customer services on 0800 0639256

Once your energy bill comes, how do you make payments?

How Do You Pay Gnergy Bills?

You will only receive one bill for electricity and gas. Monthly payments are paid via Direct Debit

Quarterly tariff payments are made using:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer

How Do You Switch to Gnergy?

Gnergy will need information about your current energy supplier, your postcode and how you pay your energy bills.

Switching will take around 28 days. Gnergy will keep you fully updated during the switching process.

Just before the switch date, the energy provider will request for your meter readings.

There are three main ways in which you can switch to Gnergy:

  • Call them on 01252 494141 where their customer service team will ask for the pertinent details and take over from there.
  • Register online with Gnergy.
  • Visit their Farnborough office.

 What should you do if you are changing tenancy? Let’s find out.

Moving Premises

  • You will need to call Gnergy and give them details of your new address. They will ask for your final meter read as well just before you move.
  • If you still want them to continue supplying you with energy, they will make the necessary arrangements.

It’s that simple.

Customer Support

For complaints you can:

  • Email Gnergy at
  • Call them on 01252 494141
  • Write them a letter to Gnergy Ltd, Enquires, and Complaints, 119 Wren Way, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 8TA.
  • Report your complaint face-to-face at their Hampshire office

Gnergy complaints are solved from between 5 days to 8 weeks.

The staff at Gnergy are fluent in English, Nepalese, and Hindi. Their call centre provides customers with 24-hours support.

Finding Your Energy Supplier

Why not take advantage of the EnergySeek comparison engine and save money on your energy bills?

Gnergy Reviews

Gnergy currently has a Trustpilot rating of 2 out of 5 stars, with 60% of all their current reviews falling within the ‘bad’ category, and only 17% within the excellent category.

Many of these negative reviews say that the customer service is poor, and many of them have had unexpected large bills which they then do not get a helpful explanation or help.

While it is true that online reviews can be misleading, it is important to still take them on board when deciding which energy supplier is right for you.

Positive Gnergy Review

Nitu Rai on Trustpilot:

Really glad I joined Gnergy. Excellent customer service and very reliable. I give them credit for their genuine response and willingness to help. Moreover, ethical company.

Negative Gnergy Review

Victoria Grace on Trustpilot:

Don’t touch with a barge poll never had a bill then massive bill via a debt collection letter out the blue despite a regular direct debit being paid then no help at all when rang to discuss why the direct debit wasn’t changed to cover usage and now they don’t even answer the phone number provided.

Company Comparison

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Gnergy
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year No
The average cost for dual fuel three bedroom home £82 £78 £90.00 Approximately £70
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 17% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

Based on all of the information, including the reviews and news about the company and tariffs, Gnergy might be useful for individuals who may not be native English speakers, as with their multilingual customer service team, there may be less confusion which can often result in less customer satisfaction.

Gnergy has also set out to target the Nepalese market of energy consumers in the UK.


Gnergy Reviews: Tariffs & Rates
  • Features
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  • Services


Some of Gnergy’s customers have complained about the customer portal not working. Other issues highlighted are issues with Direct Debit payments.

On the positive side, customers have commended Gnergy for answering phone calls promptly. Customers are also satisfied with the manner in which Gnergy handles complaints.

All in all, Gnergy is doing a commendable job of supplying reliable and affordable energy to its customers.


  • Low prices
  • Transparent billing
  • Easy-to-understand energy tariffs


  • The website doesn’t have detailed information
  • Their energy mix is not very environmentally friendly
  • Direct Debit issues as reported by some customers