Priority Services Register: What you need to know

Priority Services Register

What’s in this guide?


This is a service that is provided by suppliers to the most vulnerable customers.

This guide will tell you what essential information you need to know about the PSR, including what it’s for, who it’s for, how to sign up and answers for any questions you might have.

What is the Priority Services Register?

The PSR was created, so suppliers give the correct support to those customers who need it.

Ofgem designed and oversaw this system to ensure that if you require special requirements, you will receive additional support from your energy supplier.

Who can sign up?

You can sign up to the PSR if any of these circumstances apply to you:

  • You are a pensioner
  • Are disabled or very sick
  • Long-term medical condition
  • Hearing or visual impairment
  • In a vulnerable situation
  • You have a child that is under five years of age

What counts as a vulnerable situation?

  • If you have mental health conditions which affect your understanding of your bill
  • You cannot top up your pre-payment meter due to injury
  • Temporary circumstances where you need extra support

If this applies to you, then you should be eligible to sign up for the register.

It is also important to note that you could still be able to sign up if you contact your supplier and explain your situation to them if those points don’t exactly describe your circumstances.

What help can I get through the Priority Services Register?

Through the PSR, this is some of the help you can receive:

  • You will be given notice of planned power cuts
  • Have priority support in an emergency
  • ID scheme to protect you against illegitimate services
  • Nominee scheme so your friends or family can be sent communications
  • Meter reading services, if you can’t read your meter, your supplier might be able to do it for you
  • Accessible information, for instance in braille

How can I sign up?

To sign up for the Priority Services Register, all you need to do is contact your supplier.

Can I still switch?


All you need to do is let your new supplier know that you are on the PSR.

Similar services

Suppliers offer a gas safety service every 12 months for appliances such as boilers for homeowners.

You are eligible for this service if you have certain benefits or you have a child that is under five years of age.

You are also eligible if you have benefits and:

  • A pensioner, sick or disabled and live alone, or
  • A pensioner, sick or disabled and live with others who match any of the above too

If you aren’t a homeowner, your landlord has full responsibility for ensuring that your gas appliances are safe.

Some services similar to the Priority Services Register which are free are available for water, phone and public transport.

Some energy companies and network operators work together with water companies to tell you about the extra help you can access.


Are you eligible for the priority services register?

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