Npower Price Changes 2020


What’s in this guide?


Are you one of the Npower customers that are affected by price increases in 2018?

Did you know that you can still avoid these large bills, just by switching?

Let’s take a closer look at Npower and their reasoning behind the price increases.

Price change news

Blaming wholesale energy prices for their increased costs, Npower dual fuel customers will need to expect a bill increase of around £64 a year, based on average consumption.

In the situation that you pay your bills once you receive them, that will end up giving you an average 5.1% increase in your bills.

On the other hand, if you pay by direct debit, it’s 5.5%.

According to Ofgem, energy suppliers could have avoided these price increases by buying energy well in advance, so the companies involved need to justify their decisions to their customers.

Take a look at the table below to see which energy companies have raised their costs in the last year, and by which percentage.

Price Increases


SVT Tariff Name

Previous SVT price

New SVT price


Comes into effect from:

Ebico Ebico Zero £1,101 £1,161 £60 5.50% 16th January
Octopus Energy Flexible Octopus £908 £931 £23 2.50% 15th February
iSupply iVariable £1,014 £1,090 £76 7.50% 1st March
Pure Planet 100% Green £860 £872 £12 1.40% 31st March, 1st May
ENGIE Safe And Easy £980 £1,038 £58 5.90% 4th April
Our Power Our Best £848 £939 £91 10.70% 4th April
Ecotricity Green Electricity + Green Gas £1,201 £1,258 £58 4.80% 14th April
Igloo Energy IGLOO PIONEER £845 £871 £26 3.10% 16th April
E.ON E.ON Energy Plan £1,123 £1,153 £30 2.70% 19th April
Bulb Vari-Fair £855 £878 £24 2.80% 28th April
British Gas British Gas Standard Variable Tariff £1,101 £1,161 £60 5.50% 29th May
Scottish Power Standard £1,147 £1,211 £64 5.60% 1st June
EDF Energy Standard (Variable) £1,142 £1,158 £16 1.40% 7th June
Ovo Simpler Energy £1,097 £1,150 £53 4.80% 8th June
npower Standard SC £1,166 £1,230 £64 5.50% 17th June
First utility First Variable £1,131 £1,191 £60 5.30% 23rd July
Utility Warehouse Value £1,125 £1,175 £50 4.40% 1st July
SSE Standard £1,189 £1,196 £87 7.90% 11th July
Bulb Vari-Fair £878 £923 £45 5.10% 12th August
E.ON E.ON Energy Plan £1,153 £1,208 £55 4.80% 16th August
Bristol Energy Standard Variable £997 £1,079 £82 8.20% 9th September
Average £1,037 £1,089 £52 5%

If Npower hadn’t increased their prices by 5%, they would still have one of the most expensive tariffs on the market today compared to their smaller, independent competitors.

I am a Npower customer – am I affected?

You will be affected by the Npower price increases if you are on their ‘standard tariff’ which is a variable tariff that you are usually rolled onto after your fixed rate tariff ends.

This is usually the most expensive tariff that energy companies offer, so it’s advisable that if you see that you are on the default or ‘standard’ tariff, you should consider switching immediately.

What can I do to avoid price changes?

These specific tariffs that price increases are affecting do not have fixed terms that lock you in so that you can switch at any time.

Check out the EnergySeek comparison tool, which will tell you which tariffs are available to you right now.

Why compare?

Comparing suppliers means that instead of switching to the first supplier that you see, you take a look at many deals available to you right now.

This can end up with you saving some serious money on your annual bills.

Plus, you can see which suppliers have the traits that you value the most, like customer satisfaction and extra services.


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