E.ON HeatWise Energy Meters Guide


What’s in this guide?


The HeatWise plan offered by Eon was recently renamed to the Eon EnergyPlan, so keep in mind that the information in this article pertains to the new tariff.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about HeatWise, including what it is and whether it could benefit you.

Let’s dive in and find out more.

HeatWise Plan

The ‘HeatWise’ plan, or Eon EnergyPlan as it’s now known, requires you to have a specialised meter that is similar to the Economy 7 or Economy 10 meters.

Like those two Economy meters, the HeatWise meter makes the most of the cheaper energy that is available in the East Midlands by offering you two different rates.

One of these rates are the cheaper ‘off-peak’ rates for the HeatWise connection, and the other is for the standard supply.

If Eon chooses to up your prices, then your unit rates will be affected, but your standing charges should stay the same.

Eon EnergyPlan

According to Eon, customers of the HeatWise plan shouldn’t experience any changes to the tariff just because the name has changed.

However, the structure of the system has changed the way your usage is calculated.

Can I still get the HeatWise plan?

Sure, but now it goes by the Eon EnergyPlan.

Take a look at some of the details below to see whether this plan might be right for you.

Is Eon EnergyPlan right for me?

Although this energy plan allows you to be charged two different rates of energy, there might be reasons why you should consider choosing a different tariff.

For instance, the EnergyPlan might only suit certain types of people similar to Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs.

EnergyPlan pros

✔ Cheaper energy costs at certain times, usually at night
✔ Great if you work nights or you aren’t at home most of the day
✔ Perfect for storage heaters
✔ Using appliances at night can save lots of money

EnergyPlan cons

✗ Not great for those who are at home a lot
✗ Usually, the day rates are more expensive
✗ Using your appliances in the day might cost you a lot more
✗ A variable tariff means your prices will increase or decrease suddenly
✗ No fixed prices mean it’s harder to budget
✗ A storage heater means your water will be hot in the morning, but it will likely be colder in the evening

Can I still switch?

This is a complicated one.

Because there are two standing charges, meters and supply numbers, it is quite challenging to run an accurate comparison.

If you want to switch from your HeatWise or Eon EnergyPlan, you should probably contact your new supplier directly to see what kind of offers they can make you.

In the scenario that you are done with your HeatWise meter, you can contact either Eon or your new supplier and request a change of meters to a standard credit meter.

The negative is that it might cost you to switch meters.

On the positive side, it may be more cost-effective for you, in the long run, to switch to a credit meter.

It depends purely on your situation.

You could check out one of the EnergySeek guides to find out more about different suppliers if you aren’t sure.


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