EON Price Changes 2020


What’s in this guide?


In August 2018 EON’s standard tariffs increased for the second time in 2018. Did this increase impact you? If it did, then it’s time to get off that expensive variable tariff and find a better deal.

The most recent price increase was on EON’s variable tariffs, the change impacted 1.8m customers.

If you are a customer that has dual fuel, you could see your bills increase by 4.8%, or around £55 each year, starting from 16 August 2018.

Price change news

The most recent price increase comes on top of EON’s April hike. Earlier this year multiple discounts were dropped, resulting in a 2.6% or £30 more per year for the average customer. EON dropped their discount for dual-fuel customers, as well as their paperless billing discount.

This was a painful pill to swallow for customers that had taken extra steps to reduce their energy costs.

EON blamed the price increase on rising wholesale energy costs; they say their costs have increased by 20% since 2017.

Energy industry watchdog OFGEM reports that wholesale, network and government prices increased a total of 14.1% in the year to May 2018.

The increases are more substantial in electricity usage, electricity only customers will see their prices rise by 6.2% while gas only customers will face a 3.3% increase.

The average dual-energy customer will see their annual bill increase from £1,153 to £1,208.

I am an EON customer – does this affect me?

The price hike affected only variable rate tariffs, and EON says that they have worked to contact impacted customers to offer fixed rate alternatives and energy-saving tips.

If you see this increase in your bills, then it’s time to hunt for a better deal.

By committing to a one to three years fixed rate tariff, you can save hundreds of pounds each year. Also, you are protected from further price hikes like this one.

If you are on a variable rate then you can switch anytime – easy as that!

What can I do to avoid the price increase?

If you currently buy from EON, you can call them to see what they can offer you. But if you want to make sure you have the best deal for your circumstances, then you should look at other suppliers too.

By using the quote comparison tool on this page, you can get the most relevant offers from multiple providers to choose between. And as a bonus, unexpected price hikes will be a thing of the past.

Why compare?

Comparing suppliers means that instead of switching to the first supplier that you see, you take a look at many deals available to you right now.

This can end up with you saving some serious money on your annual bills.

Plus, you can see which suppliers have the traits that you value the most, like customer satisfaction and extra services.

How do I compare?

Have you decided that comparing energy suppliers or deals might be a good idea?

This is the information you’ll need.

  • Your location
  • Annual consumption or spend
  • The size of your home
  • Email
  • Phone number

You can then use a comparison such as the EnergySeek comparison tool at the top of the page to compare tariffs and energy suppliers to see which would be best for you and become an energy shopper.


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