The Top 9 Energy Supplier Apps

Energy App

What’s in this guide?


Did you know that many energy suppliers offer their customers apps?

With these, you can sometimes manage your account, check out your energy usage and even submit meter readings.


Read on for more information about favourite energy suppliers and their apps.

What is an energy app?

An energy app is an application that means you use your account to log in and view information about your energy

For instance, with the British Gas app you can use your iPhone or Android device you can do these things:

  • Register for a new account
  • Submit gas and electricity meter readings
  • Pay bills and view account details
  • Change direct debit payments
  • Monitor your energy usage month to month
  • Book an engineer

Customers can do things such as submit meter readings and book boiler services.

Google Play allows you also to see how other customers have found your supplier’s app before you download it.

Vincent M. Campbell on Google Play: So cool Takes the trouble out of managing bills would recommend it to everyone wish other companies had the same type of apps

Top energy apps in the UK

Now that you know what an app is commonly used for let’s take a look at the high energy apps in the UK, including offers from the big six and smaller independent suppliers.

Big six apps

British Gas app

British Gas app

Claiming to be the UK’s highest-rated energy app, the British Gas app gives customers even more control over their energy.

You can download the app to keep an eye on the energy you’re using and compare it to customers in your area to check if you’re on track.

✔ Log in or register for a new account

✔ Submit your gas and electricity meter readings

✔ View and pay your energy bill

✔ Change your Direct Debit payments

✔ See all your account information

✔ Monitor how much energy you’ve used

✔ Book an engineer

EON app

E.on logo

According to the Google Play page, the Eon app is the easiest way to make payments on the go and look after your pay as you go account.

You can log in to access your energy hub, and explore the new dashboard. There, you can view your current energy usage and quickly locate your most recent bill.

✔ Send gas and electricity meter readings

✔ Pay your energy bill

✔ Energy tracker to see when your energy is costing you more

✔ Free energy saving advice

✔ Emergency contact numbers

✔ Breakdown of your latest bill

✔ Manage more than one account

EDF app


The EDF app was created to make it a bit easier for EDF customers to manage their account.

✔ Make payments to your account balance

✔ Store Debit and Credit cards

✔ Live Chat

✔ Send meter readings

✔ View account information

✔ The progress of your switch

✔ Nearest prepayment outlets

✔ Replacement prepayment key or card

Scottish Power app

Scottish Power

The ScottishPower YourEnergy App means that you can control your account online.

✔ Log in to your online gas and electricity account

✔ Account details

✔ Enter your meter readings directly

✔ Contact Scottish Power customer services directly or on social media

✔ Emergency information

✔ FAQs

nPower app


Similarly, nPower has also developed an app to compete with their competitors, offering you these perks.

✔ See your energy usage in kWh

✔ Meter reading notification

✔ Built-in torch

✔ Reminder when your tariff’s about to end

✔ Notify moving home

SSE app


The SSE app is perhaps more simplistic than some of the other offers from energy companies. However, you can still do these things.

✔ Top up your PrePay Meter

✔ Register for My SSE Airtricity

✔ Create an online account

✔ Pay your latest bill

✔ Submit meter readings

✔ Account

Small supplier apps

Thanks to the competition of the market, smaller suppliers are now offering the same level of technology as their big six competitors, which some say is arguably of better quality and more useful.

OVO Energy app

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is one of the most popular independent energy suppliers, with award-winning service and they are committed to making energy more transparent through pricing and excellent service.

This is what you can do with the OVO app:

Pay monthly

✔ Submit your meter readings

✔ The energy you’ve used

✔ Your spending

✔ Download your statements

✔ See your account details

Powershop app


Powershop is one of the unique energy suppliers, check out the handy EnergySeek guide here.

You can purchase ‘power packs’ that help you to save even more on your energy costs.

With the app, this is what you can do.

✔ View your power usage

✔ Special deals

✔ Look at your projected spending

✔ Shop for Powerpacks

✔ Insights into your usage

First Utility app

First Utility

First Utility is committed to lowering energy prices and helping customers to spend less on what they need and more on what they want.

Their app provides a range of online features so you can save your energy and money.

✔ Submit your meter readings and view your past readings

✔ Take a look at your monthly bills

✔ Energy usage

✔ Get advice from the assistant

✔ Energy saving tips

✔ Payment methods

✔ Top up the credit

✔ Account

✔ Remember me function

✔ View the weather

✔ First Utility customer services


Did you know that you could be saving up to £500 on your energy bills every year?

Take a look at the EnergySeek guides to find out more about your energy, or see reviews of the top 7 energy switching sites to compare gas & electricity.