The Top 9 UK Duel Fuel Suppliers 2020

Compare Cheap Dual Fuel Deals

What’s in this guide?


What is a dual fuel tariff?

A dual fuel tariff can sometimes mean the best energy deal for your home as it means getting both your electricity and gas from the same supplier, receiving one bill for both.

These types of deals can offer both excellent prices and the convenience of having one point of contact for your energy needs, saving many customers time and stress.

Sometimes energy suppliers will offer you discounts for having a dual fuel deal, but this doesn’t guarantee it’s the best deal for you.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about dual fuel tariffs, including the best deals today and how you can switch.

Why compare dual fuel deals?

Why not accept the first offer you see, or if you get a sales call from a supplier?

It may not be the best dual fuel deal for you and your home.

Not only can comparing deals potentially save you £100s on your annual bill but if you don’t, you could end up getting locked into a contract which you won’t be able to leave without paying a fee.

Sometimes these types of fixed contracts can end up lasting for years at a time, plus they can be far more expensive as you won’t be free to move to lower costing tariffs or deals.

How to compare?

Firstly, you need to know how much you are currently paying for your energy.

Check your most recent bill, as it will tell you precisely how much you are paying for your energy and when your contract is coming to an end.

Then, you can either check out a comparison tool or you could go to each energy supplier directly.

Going directly to a company for a quote has a few issues, as it will take you a long time to find the right deal for you.

Comparison tools allow you to compare many different suppliers and their tariffs after adding some necessary information, which can save you time, money and a lot of stress.

You’ll need to have this information to hand:

  • Current supplier
  • Current tariff
  • How you pay for energy
  • Monthly or annual usage

It should only take a couple of minutes to have a list of suppliers as well as what tariffs they offer complete with pricing.

EnergySeek offers guides to tell you more about what their customers are saying about them.

Cheapest dual fuel deals right now



Average Annual Bill*

First Utility First Fixed March 2020 v2 £573
Powershop Top Shopper June 2018 Issue 1 £847
Bulb Vari-Fair £867
Avro Simple and Glory £869
Together Energy Together Fixed Jun 2018 v2 £874
One Select OneSelect Secure Summer 1 Year Fixed 2018 £887
One Select Secure Summer 18 Month Fixed 2018 £887
Tonik Positively Greener v6 £887
Toto Energy TOTO Discount Variable Saver 2 £888
Economy Energy Direct Saver £891


First Utility

First Utility

Founded in 2008, First Utility is one of the largest energy suppliers other than the ‘big six’, claiming to supply over 1 million homes in the UK.

✔Smart meters offered
✔Home services
✔4-star rating on Trustpilot



As with most suppliers, Powershop charges different prices depending on your location in the UK, so it is important to include that information when you are looking for a quote for electricity deals.

✔Be notified when there are lower prices, Powershop never hides them from their customers
✔Buying power packs puts you in control of when you buy your energy and how
✔Powershop allows you to manage your account online
✔Excellent customer services


Bulb logo

Bulb is a new company having only launched in 2015 and says they want a more open energy company.

✔Only offers one tariff to be less confusing
✔Puts their community first
✔Very positive rating on Trustpilot


Avro Energy

This company says that they provide simplicity on your billing and competitive pricing, to save you money on your energy.

✔No exit fees when you switch direct
✔Power 24/7 via your online account
✔UK-based customer service

Together Energy

Together Energy

Together Energy claims to want to be the most trusted company in the energy industry, so they promise that they will never increase your electricity deals by more than 5% at the end of a fixed term deal.

That’s without telling you first.

✔Set prices for 12 months
✔Pay by monthly direct debit
✔Online billing
✔Electricity or dual fuel available

One Select

One Select

One Select like keeping things simple, which is why they usually only offer one tariff at a time. They claim to provide competitive pricing and no-hassle customer service.

✔12 months fixed price
✔Competitive pricing
✔No exit fees
✔2 weeks cooling off process


Tonik Energy

Tonik Energy was founded in 2016 by a team of energy sector specialists, to provide 100% renewable energy at an affordable rate while providing excellent customer service.

✔100% renewable energy
✔Excellent customer service
✔Smart meters and batteries
✔1 year fixed tariffs

Toto Energy

Toto Energy

Toto buys gas and electricity at wholesale cost so that they can pass on all the savings to you.

✔Variable rate tariff – energy prices may go up or down
✔Online billing- view your bills online
✔Pay by Monthly Direct Debit

Economy Energy

Economy Energy

Economy Energy is a smaller, UK-based energy supplier. They claim to offer clear, cost-effective tariffs and fantastic customer service.

✔Fixed tariff for 12 months
✔Pay by monthly direct debit
✔Both dual fuel and single rates available
✔Currently offers the warm home discount

Best rated energy companies


Trustpilot Reviews

Positive Reviews

First Utility ★★★★ 46%
Powershop ★★★ 47%
Bulb ★★★★★ 92%
Avro ★★★★★ 76%
Together Energy ★★★ 43%
One Select ★★★ 45%
Tonik ★★★★ 76%
Toto Energy ★★★ 49%
Economy Energy ★★★ 57%

What if the cheapest deals are from an independent supplier?

Sometimes, customers might stay with a large energy supplier solely for the reason that they may not be able to find great customer support or a range of services elsewhere.

This isn’t necessarily true.

Luckily, there are many independent energy suppliers who are directly competing with the big six, not only with price but also by winning awards for customer service.

Ofgem has rules set in place so even if your energy supplier can no longer supply you energy, your rights are protected, and you will be transferred to another supplier.

This is often after the industry regulator makes sure that they shop the industry for an energy supplier who can help the most people.

How do I switch?

Thanks to new laws and regulations, switching it is a pain-free process, and all you have to do is choose your new supplier.

Now, your supplier will take care of everything for you, including making the switch and communicating with your previous supplier.

Usually, it might take around a month to switch, in which time your past and future supplier should only charge you once for the energy that you have used in that period.


Are you ready to compare?

Take a look at the EnergySeek guides to find out more about your energy, or see reviews of the top 7 energy switching sites to compare gas & electricity.