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Electricity Deals

What’s in this guide?


Did you know that up to 65% of energy customers never switch suppliers?

On top of that, Ofgem says that 57% of customers are still on expensive standard tariffs, which can often mean spending £100s more than you need to on your electricity and gas.

The process of switching suppliers can seem confusing, especially with the hundreds of companies and tariffs on offer throughout the UK, and usually single rate tariffs aren’t advertised as much as dual fuel tariffs.

This guide will tell you what you need to know about how to find an excellent electricity deal for your home.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why compare electricity deals?

So why not sign up to the first electricity tariff you see?

Simply put, because it might not be the best deal for you.

While finding a cheap deal may seem like a significant relief, there are a lot of other factors to consider. For instance, what are their customers saying about them?

Using websites like Trustpilot, EnergySeek put together guides that let you know how companies rate against each other not only by price but also by how many positive reviews they receive and what their star rating is.

This allows you to find the best energy supplier and deals for you, especially if you value customer service as much as the cost of your energy.

How to compare?

To be able to compare electricity deals, first, you need to know how much you are currently paying.

You can check your most recent bill, as it should tell you clearly how much you are paying for your energy, plus when your contract is coming to an end (assuming you are on a fixed rate tariff).

Once you know what you’re paying and when your contract ends, you can start comparing electricity deals.

You can either go directly to the company or use a comparison tool.

Going directly to a company for a quote has a few issues, for instance, it will take you a lot longer to compare the prices and tariffs if you can find the time, plus you may not necessarily be getting the best deal.

Comparison tools allow you to compare many different suppliers and their tariffs after adding some basic information, which can save you time, money and a lot of stress.

To get the best results, you need to have this information to hand:

  • The name of your current supplier
  • The name of your current tariff
  • How you pay for energy, for instance, direct debit or online etc
  • Your monthly or annual usage, in pounds or kWh

Lowest electricity prices right now



Average Annual Bill*

Powershop Top Shopper June 2018 Issue 1 £440
Avro Simple and Glory £440
Extra Energy Reliance Fixed Price May 2020 V1 £454
Together with Energy Together Fixed Jun 2018 v2 £456
One Select OneSelect Secure Summer 1 Year Fixed 2018 £461
One Select Secure Summer 18 Month Fixed 2018 £461
Extra Energy Reliance Fixed Price Jul 2020 v2 £465
Economy Energy Direct Saver £469
Solarplicity Solarplicity’s Fair Market Price Variable £473
Angelic Energy Angelic Energy Winter Fixed V2 £474

Top 8 energy suppliers with lowest prices

Powershop: Top Shopper June 2018 Issue 1


As with most suppliers, Powershop charges different prices depending on your location in the UK, so it is important to include that information when you are looking for a quote for electricity deals.

✔Be notified when there are lower prices, Powershop never hides them from their customers
✔Buying power packs puts you in control of when you buy your energy and how
✔Powershop allows you to manage your account online
✔Excellent customer services

Avro: Simple and Glory

Avro Energy

This company says that they offer simplicity on your billing and competitive pricing, to save you money on your energy.

✔No exit fees when you switch direct
✔Power 24/7 via your online account
✔UK-based customer service

Extra Energy: Reliance Fixed Price May 2020 V1

Extra Energy

Extra Energy claims that they offer the UK’s cheapest electricity deals, and strive to find new ways to put their customers first.

✔Online only
✔Fixed rate tariff
✔Fast switching
✔Transparent billing

Together Energy: Together Fixed Jun 2018 v2

Together Energy


Together Energy claims to want to be the most trusted company in the energy industry.

They promise to never raise your electricity bills by more than 5% at the end of a fixed tariff without telling you first.

✔Set prices for 12 months
✔Pay by monthly direct debit
✔Online billing
✔Electricity or dual fuel available

One Select: Secure

One Select


One Select like keeping things simple, which is why they usually only offer one tariff at a time. They claim to provide competitive pricing and no-hassle customer service.

✔12 months fixed price
✔Competitive pricing
✔No exit fees
✔2 weeks cooling off process

Economy Energy: Direct Saver

Economy Energy

Economy Energy is a smaller, UK-based energy supplier. They claim to offer clear, cost-effective tariffs and excellent customer service.

✔Fixed tariff for 12 months
✔Pay by monthly direct debit
✔Both dual fuel and single rates available
✔Currently offers the warm home discount

Solarplicity: Solarplicity’s Fair Market Price Variable

Solarplicity believes in low prices, renewable energy for all and helping customers take control over their power.

✔Variable rate tariff, costs can increase or decrease
✔Paper or email billing
✔Dual fuel or single fuel deals
✔Free LED bulbs for your home

Angelic Energy: Angelic Energy Winter Fixed V2


Angelic Energy is a not-for-profit energy supplier that is bringing low costing gas and electricity to Londoners. They have a simple mission: to save you money on your electricity deals.

✔Fixed prices for 12 months
✔Paper or online billing options
✔Pay by Monthly Direct Debit, Quarterly Direct Debit or Pay on Receipt of Bill

Best rated energy companies

Supplier Trustpilot Rating Positive Reviews
Powershop ★★★ 47%
Avro ★★★★★ 76%
Extra Energy ★★★ 44%
Together Energy ★★★ 43%
One Select ★★★ 45%
Economy Energy ★★★ 55%
Solarplicity ★★ 22%
Angelic Energy No Data No Data

What if the cheapest deals are from a small supplier?

Many customers have said in the past that they are worried about switching to a smaller energy supplier, as they are concerned that a small energy company won’t be able to meet their needs as easily as a bigger company or be as reliable.

However, this is not the case at all.

Ofgem, the industry regulator, has regulations and rules set in place so if your energy supplier can no longer supply your energy, your rights are protected, and you will be transferred to another supplier.

This means that you can compare electricity deals in the knowledge that even in a worst case scenario, you will never be without energy.

What happens once I switch?

Some people are worried that switching can be an excruciating process.

While that was the case years ago, now thanks to new laws and regulations, switching it is a very stress-free process, and all you have to do is choose your new supplier.

Your new energy company will take care of your switch for you, and all they ask is that you send them a meter reading a couple of weeks before your supply is switched.

It can take around four to six weeks to switch, in which time your past and future supplier should only charge you once for the energy that you have used in that period.


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