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5 Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity

Employees spend a majority of their week in the office, and some of those hours might be more productive than others. But if you’re feeling like your team is being a big more sluggish than usual, here are 5 tips to help boost workplace productivity (and keep your employees happier). 1. Right Lights Studies show […]

January 21st

Improve your Presentations with Knovio

With the increase in telecommuting and digital workplaces, there are always more tools to help us do our work better, faster, and with less stress. And there is a new tool on the market to make your video presentations easier than ever. Knovio offers entrepreneurs, writers, and managers a chance to up their game for […]

December 1st

Sourcing an Eco-friendly Company Vehicle

One of the best incentives offered by many businesses when hiring new employees or attempting to hold onto existing ones is providing a free company car. Depending on the type of company the vehicles being sourced will vary, such as executive cars for professional business people and vans for tradespeople. Business people often cover a […]

November 26th

Sustainable Packaging Generates More Sales

Not long ago, advertising products on their eco-friendliness only connected with a small, dedicated set of buyers. A wider awareness of human impact on our fragile ecological state changed all that. Over the course of the past decade or so, the increased buying power of eco-conscious consumers, particularly amongst millennials between 18 and 34 years […]

November 11th

Uncommon Goods Shows how Good Business Can Be

There are so many ways to conduct good business in this growing green economy. Whether you’re building with cradle to cradle certified products, supporting green jobs growth with solar, making sustainable food, or creating green products that are good for people and planet, it’s more important (and more lucrative) than ever to build a green […]

September 7th

Smart Tools for Entrepreneurs

There are so many start up success stories, but behind each startup are dozens of smart tools that can help all of us succeed. We’ve gathered some of the best tools to help budding (or established) entrepreneurs become more productive and help boost their success. How big is the startup culture? Fortune reports, “In 2013, venture capitalists […]

September 4th