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How to Green a Burrito or Fresh-Mex Restaurant: Top 10 Sustainable Strategies

Want to green your Fresh-Mex or burrito place?  There are some sustainable strategies unique to both restaurants in general and those which serve cuisine like burritos, tacos, and nachos.  Here are the top 10: Organi-fy your staples. Beans and rice are a staple on most Mexican/Fresh-Mex menus, and represent the grand majority of the calories […]

September 24th

California Drought Presents Water Innovation Opportunities

The catastrophic drought in California, one of the richest regions of the world, is a crisis for householders, farmers and industry, but it could prove to be a great spur for water innovation. “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune,” Shakespeare wrote in Julius […]

June 30th

Flotation Centers: Water-Wasting Trend or Eco-Opportunity?

One can rarely predict the market. Whoever plays the entrepreneurs’ game is usually running a gamble and it’s at an expensive cost when you consider what’s at stake. Some of the biggest environmental tragedies of the last twenty years involve risky actions of oil companies that have caused irreparable damage to some of the areas […]

June 29th

How Activated Carbon is Providing Clean Water in Developing Countries

While the developed world takes access to clean, safe water for granted, developing countries are not so lucky. According to a January 2015 article on Wired.com, a shocking 2.5 billion people, or 40% of the global population, lack adequate sanitation. Roughly half of all hospital patients in the developing world are suffering from illnesses related […]

Eco-Opportunity: Water Management Technology to Reduce Virtual Water

Depending on where you live, the increasing pressure on water supplies may not be immediately obvious, and the effects of water scarcity may not be evident, but in many places around the world, it’s already affecting residents, communities, and businesses. And while it’s certainly wise to conserve water at home, the bulk of our water […]

January 8th

Water Sustainability: Is Your Business Ahead of the Curve?

Originally published on SIWI by Jens Berggren. Roughly 80% of all water withdrawn globally is used to produce goods or services for exchange (commercial purposes1). When it comes to tackling global water challenges, the private sector holds the keys to change the game. The Stockholm Industry Water Award is presented each year at the World […]

November 11th

Free Tool Quantifies Water Scarcity Risks for Businesses

In a time when we’re experiencing an increasingly drier climate, with a booming population and growing demand on water supplies, water scarcity is a very real risk, not only to individuals and communities, but also to businesses that require water in their operations. Water is all too often undervalued and the market price is very […]

November 5th