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Clean Solar Energy Offers Promising Small Business Opportunities

Our overall economy seems stuck in slow motion, particularly old industries like construction and real estate. Many are taking control of their lives though and starting businesses in new areas that are prospering even as old fields flounder. Green industries like solar energy are an excellent option for many reasons.

Starting a solar installer business is one business opportunity in the solar market, although this route requires significant technical expertise and resources to get started. A new solar business opportunity is to start a sales business as a solar broker. Read on to understand how this ca become a promising business opportunity for many!

August 24th

Farmigo Provides Easy CSA Management Solutions to Farmers

People are increasingly demanding local, organic and fresh produce and CSA’s are gaining in popularity. But farmers are entrepreneurs with real business goals and CSA’s can prove to be a reliable source of income each month. But it’s not all so rosy. Farmers need to spend a lot of time on emails and calls dealing with member payment and delivery questions, payment status, problems with member checks and members on vacation receiving unclaimed produce – all chores that farmers are not always efficient at and that are definitely time-consuming. Community members on the other hand complain about the service.
The Farmigo team set out on a mission to apply its extensive software and internet expertise to enable farms to work together and provide their produce directly to people in their communities.

August 15th

Build a Green Business and Help Others Go Green as A Certified Eco-Consultant

We live in challenging times and people are seeking jobs anywhere they can. Necessity is a powerful mother of invention, and there is plenty of necessity to go around, with unemployment still stubbornly high. After sending out countless resumes more and more people are realizing that the best new job is one they make for themselves by starting their own business. And as people reevaluate the direction of their lives, they’re finding that they don’t want just any job or business; they want a business or career that means something, one that has a purpose as well as paying the bills. Becoming a Certified Eco-Consultant could be the answer they are looking for.

July 27th

Ecopreneur Interview Series: Freally

Part 12 in a series where Krates Ng (co-founder of Mokugift the ecard service) interviews fellow ecopreneurs.  Today, Krates interviews Eric Bae, founder of Freally.  Freally is an online recycling and exchange website that helps its users to give away and receive free things. 1) Why did you start your company? There were a few motivations […]

April 25th

State of Green Business 2011: What’s In And What’s Not

Greenbiz Group released its much awaited 4th annual report on the ‘State of Green Business’ (SOGB) this week, which threw light on the good, and no so good green happenings from last year and future direction for sustainable business. A breakdown of the report- Companies spent more on environmental & social responsibility despite the recession. […]

February 3rd

Reducing & Diverting Food Wastes: Need of the Hour

Growing up, we never threw away any food. Our food wastage was minimal from careful planning and innovation. Leftovers were turned into something more delicious and any food still leftover was shared or given away.  I am sure this was the story of many households. But not anymore. With our fast paced lives now, Americans […]

January 24th

New Study: Clean Energy Standards Barely Impact Small Business

Much has been written, including by myself, about the fact that small business organizations range form neutral to hostile on green issues.  There is a perception that environmental progress will cost small businesses resources they don’t have. The truth is that not much research has been conducted to prove or disprove that notion. Yesterday a […]

October 7th

The Catch-22 of CSR & Economic Recovery

This is a guest opinion post by John Friedman. True economic recovery in the United States is caught in a Catch-22. The economy is stuck in ‘neutral’ while employers hold off on job creation until consumers start spending again, while consumers (particularly those who are out of work or fear for their jobs) are not […]

August 26th

Where are the Green Jobs? Andy Grove Thinks He Knows

If you didn’t read Andy Grove’s “How to Make an American Job” on, I want to bring it to your attention. Green is only one part of building a sustainable business and certainly a socially responsible one. Employment and community development are important values to optimize as well. Labor activists, social entrepeneurs, local government […]

August 5th