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Illegal Logging: A Problem for the Planet

As with any global scale problem, illegal logging is a hard issue to tackle. As with the wider issue of climate change, the everyday person, when discussing illegal logging, may be tempted to throw up their hands and exclaim “what can I do about it?” Businesses and large corporations will confirm that they will adhere […]

March 10th

Greening the Food Supply Chain (Infographic)

To build a more efficient, and more sustainable, future, it’s going to take a big effort across all industries, and while there’s been an emerging renewable energy evolution taking place (especially in solar PV, as the cost of solar continues to drop), and an increasing focus on water conservation and efficiency, there’s another huge area […]

January 28th

What Is the Cost of Sugar to the Planet?

Sugar seems to be popping up everywhere in packaged foods these days, which is a big health concern for those who consume a lot of it, but even aside from the issue of the health effects of sugar on the body, there’s another part of the story, which is the effect that growing sugar has […]

January 26th

Cradle to Cradle Now Offers Standalone Material Health Certificates

In a move that may enable more manufacturers to begin seeking Cradle to Cradle Certified status for their products, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is now offering a standalone Material Health Certificate, which can help companies begin to work toward more transparency in their supply chains. As more and more consumers start to […]

November 4th

PaperBoy Wines Chooses Ecologic to Supply Its Paper Wine Bottles

For wine lovers, the glass bottles that deliver their favorite beverage can be a bit of an environmental boondoggle, as they’re not only heavy to transport, which adds to the carbon footprint of the product, but they’re also breakable, which means that they can’t be brought to places where glass containers are prohibited. Glass is […]

April 16th

Meet the Man Behind Your Rainforest Alliance Certified Chocolate

As the choco-centric holiday of Halloween approaches, it’s a great time to remember that there are people behind all of those candies, and if we choose a ‘fair’ chocolate, we’re supporting better stewardship of forests and waterways, as well as helping to benefit the smallholders who spend their lives growing cacao so that we can […]

October 28th