Own Less, Do More with this Sustainable Business

We’re big fans of conscious consumerism here on Important Media, and we love learning about brands that are doing sustainable business right. We met the fine folks from Nomadix at Wanderlust Squaw Valley (CA), and were instantly intrigued by their awesome products and #ownlessdomore attitude. Doing more with less stuff is the ethos behind Nomadix, offering a line of versatile towels with purpose. Designed by outdoor enthusiasts Chace Petersen, Zack Helminiak and Hunter Robinson, the Nomadix towel can be used for sweaty yoga, laying on the…

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Living in the Post-Wallet Economy: Cryptocurrency vs Mobile Payments

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are often made up of those striking out on their own to take up a new idea, improve on an existing one, or supply a need for a market. How customers pay for products and services is changing rapidly. Nowadays we don’t pay with cash, or even credit cards—we are starting to roll both into the smartphone. There are two methods to pay for products and services via smartphone: cryptocurrency and mobile payments, so a small…

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Holiday Season Sales Trends: Beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In some businesses, as much as 40% of the sales come from the holiday season, so it can really pay to maximize those holiday sales. And while most businesses are at least aware enough about such holiday sales trends as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be able to participate with their own online and on-site campaigns, there’s far more to selling during the holiday season than just focusing on those two big shopping dates. Using retail sales data from…

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