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Will Renewable Energy Be the Focus of Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs?

Businesses measure performance in profit and returns. Social entrepreneurs measure performance in terms of positive impact on society. Of the many things that a society needs to function are basic necessities like food, water and electricity. We’ve seen the impact of the ebbs and flows of food in places like India and the necessity for clean water in Africa and the demand for cheap energy on many an island nation where they have to import their energy in the form of fossil fuels. However with the advent of Crowdfund Investing (aka equity or debt-based crowdfunding) will we now see technology merge with social entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s leading societal problems? Probably so.

August 23rd

More Than $50 Million of New Investments in Renewable Energy

Even though the Rio+20 Conference has been deemed a failure in the media the last few days it should be mentioned that some positive changes are happening. United Nations just announced on the conference this Thursday that more than $50 Million of new renewable energy investments from the private sector have been made.

June 27th

Keeping it Real: 7 Ways to Build a Lasting & Sustainable Business Brand

How can businesses build a better brand? John Friedman points out seven ways companies, big and small can build a reputation that lasts. Companies spend thousands of dollars building their brands and defining their reputations – often using superlative terms. But as Socrates pointed out – actions speak louder than words. And when it comes to reputation- “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” How can you build a better, more effective brand?

December 1st

Investors Want Legally Enforceable Climate Change Plan

Investors representing more than $20 trillion in assets recently banded together to urge world leaders to form a legally enforceable plan to fight climate change. The investors came together before the upcoming climate summit in Durban, South Africa. This is the largest group to make such a request – both by numbers and by the amount of their assets.

November 10th

How Corporations and Special Interest Groups Can Influence Citizens Through Astroturfing

Grassroots movements are usually considered the “community’s voice” and key to any democratic institution. But apparently not always. Some grassroots organizations and actions are actually “astroturfing”, that is really the antithesis of the above definition. In light of recent political debates and issues of green jobs, climate change and energy policies, this issue affects how key political issues are perceived and presented to citizens.
Astroturfing has emerged as a powerful and malignant form of corporate greenwashing that has potential to change the political direction of this country.

September 15th