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Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 2)

Oringally posted at the  SAP Business Innovations for Sustainability blog, cross posted with permission This blog is a follow up to my prior blog Expecting More From Business — Common Wealth Contributions By Business (Part 1) where I discuss the book Betterness: Economics for Humans, by Umair Haque as a new standard for how we measure the contributions of business to society. […]

July 22nd

Sherpaa – Guiding Your Business to Easier Healthcare

It’s no secret that the American healthcare system is flawed. Even for those insured, dealing with the system is oftentimes more trouble than it’s worth. Why should a silly little finger cut set you back $4000 and 8 hours in the ER? It shouldn’t. And Sherpaa is here to help manage the system.

September 18th

The Human Resources Advantage in Green Businesses

Last week I blogged about avoiding trouble with human resource issues, and this week I’m taking a more upbeat note. As a green business, you’ve got a hiring and motivational advantage, and you should retain those dedicated employees with as many benefits as you can without breaking the bank. Alignment around the Environmental Mission One […]

October 29th

Green Businesses, Mind Your Human Resources

As a consultant to a number of start up companies and as a friend to many more talented, educated, otherwise stellar founders of companies, I have observed a significantly high number of missteps around human resource issues. Whether the result is a costly lawsuit or just hurt feelings, HR mistakes are easy to make and […]

October 22nd

Undress for Success!

As mentioned last week in my post about greening HR, telecommuting is often cited as one of the most valuable (to both employers and employees) green benefit to offer. Telecommuting has been credited with a variety of advantages including improved work/family balance, supervisor-staff relationships, job satisfaction, worker retention, productivity and career prospects, as well as […]

October 8th


CSR – HR = PR (Corporate Social Responsibility – Human Resources = Public Relations) I came across this “equation” yesterday while researching best green HR practices. It is a quote by Adine Mees and Jamie Bunham of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility from DRIVING SUCCESS: Human resources and sustainable development. They then followed with this: […]

October 2nd

Triple Bottom Line: More about People than Profits

Last week I shared the triple bottom line adapted from our ECOpreneuring book. The triple bottom line encompasses people, planet and (some) profits. Since people run a business, I started by examining how the DNA of a Green Business Starts with People, touching on customers and employees (apparently not highly valued at the now defunct […]

September 17th