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I am a soccer mom, musician, Beatles fanatic,dreamer, chocolate chip cookie maker, and passionate advocate and evangelist for cleantech and cleanweb causes, organizations, and companies that make the planet better in all ways.

Geekbots for Gardens: HarvestGeek

Harvest Geek is all about marrying high-tech innovation with low tech slow food growing. Say what? HarvestBots are small electronic devices deployed in your garden which monitor vitals and automate equipment.

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Meet India’s ATM of Clean Water

There are currently over one billion people in India who lack access to clean drinking water. Sarvajal is an Indian company which is making great strides to change that statistic with a progressive and forward thinking business model.

Sarvajal is a mass-market drinking water micro-franchise system which offers a low-cost and easily distributed water purification system franchise. Sarvajal is providing jobs and financial independence for the communities it is in while at the same time providing a low-cost, purified and clean drinking water.

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Nothing Like the Sun and Solar City

Why residential solar power is not more prevalent anywhere in the United States is beyond this writer? Oh yeah. The costs associated with installing solar power tend to be a little on the high side. Well, Solar City is seeking to put an end to the prohibitive high cost of solar and taking their solar expertise and excellence to the streets.

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HP Social Innovation – Slows Spread of Malaria with Mobile Technology

In rural Africa, news travels very slowly. This makes it very difficult to know when isolated cases of malaria start to signal the beginning of any wider outbreaks. The partnership between HP, NGOs, and other companies is tackling this challenge with mobile technologies which could save millions of lives worldwide.

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DESERTEC Foundation Begins Work on Asian Super Grid for Renewable Energy

The DESERTEC Concept is a development by a network of scientists, politicians, and economists from around the Mediterranean. The sole goal is to provide climate protection, energy security and development by generating sustainable power from the sites where renewable energy sources are most abundant. Energy is available in abundance and we have the technology to use it

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The $60 Billion Opportunity – Are We Ready For It?

No matter what kind of energy it is – people can save most of it with a few simple improvements. Believe it or not, with that saving comes extra cash. Want to know how?

“The Fifth Fuel,” after oil, nuclear, coal, and renewables is Energy Efficiency. It actually deserves better than co-equal status as the side effects it produces, unlike the other afore-mentioned energy sources, are negligible.

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Boungiorno! Roma Cleanweb Hackathon!

  The Roma Cleanweb Hackathon was recently held the weekend of Friday, November 30th through Sunday, December 2nd 2012.  Hosted by the Roma Tre University, the participating teams of developers, designers, and volunteer professionals were invited to create and present web/mobile applications which generate a positive impact in the areas of energy, water, waste management, and transport. Roma Tre University is a fabulous venue in the Via della Vasca Navale.  Previous events hosted here have been Codemotion and Global Game Jam.  Both of which offer…

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