Jennifer Kaplan

Jennifer Kaplan writes regularly about sustainable food and wine, the intersection of food and marketing and food politics for and is the author of Greening Your Small Business (November 2009, Penguin Group (USA)). She was been named one of The 16 Women You Must Follow on Twitter for Green Business. She has four kids, a dog, a hamster and an MBA - find her on .

California Businesses Get 0% Financing for Efficiency Improvements

There’s some good news for business owners in California. PG&E one of the country’s largest natural gas and electric utilities has allocated $20 million for On-Bill Financing (OBF) loans to customers from Eureka in the north to Bakersfield in the south, and from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Sierra Nevada in the east. The program’s been around for a while but it is underutilized, so this is a call to action. What exactly is OBF? It is…

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The Huge Implications of the Eco-Public Health Connection

Someone recently asked me if there was a public health angle to greening small businesses.  After thinking it over, it became clear there is.  First, when we talk about green we are also talking about issues of safety and health: Materials should foster healthy environments, current and future. This means avoiding toxic and dangerous chemicals. It means using an appropriate ventilation system. It means projects should be well-built to minimize safety risks to the occupants (fire, collapse, etc.). It also…

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Interview with Jamie Wimberly, CEO EcoAlign, publisher of "Green Gap Redux: Green Words Gone Wrong"

All this talk about going green, do we really know what exactly it means?  Companies invest millions in trying to segment the green market. There’s the BBMG Conscious Consumer Report.  The Roper Green Gauge. The Landor ImagePower Green Brands Survey.  And on and on..( many segments, so little time!) Maybe more importantly: When we talk about green are we talking about the same thing?  Apparently not. This week I spoke with Jamie Wimberly whose firm, EcoAlign, just came out with…

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5 Ways To Green Your Supply Chain

If you are thinking about ways to green your supply chain, you’re not alone. A Supply Chain Consortium survey showed that organizations of all sizes are implementing sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain not only to achieve regulatory compliance, but also to improve brand image and customer satisfaction. What does that mean? The most effective greening of purchasing involves thinking about your entire inbound supply chain with an overriding purpose in mind: to select and purchase goods and services that…

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Why A Clever Logo Matters

The FedEx logo has a hidden message. Does it matter? In a blog post called “25 logos with hidden messages – Amazing Graphic Designing tricks!” Charlie Johnson, the author, talks about what makes a logo a good marketing tool. He says: …make your logo look more conceptual and clever using the graphic designing tricks. As it is said, a logo should not be a plain looking symbol…it should reflect you and your company’s personality.

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Let Me Nominate You: $100K Small Business Competition

American Express, in partnership with NBC Universal, is holding a competition to “Shine A Light” on an “inspiring” small business. I find so many of you inspiring, I’m thinking: Could it be you? They are looking for small businesses that are: Innovative Give back to the community Demonstrate a “customer first” mentality. If so, they want to hear your story and you might win a $100K grant in cash and marketing support from American Express.

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12 Ways To Make The People's Stimulus Green

I just read about the People’s Stimulus Package and am impressed.  Started by an Alabama pharmacist who thought his little town need its own stimulus, he gave his employees $700 bucks each ($300 to part timers) in $2 bills.  All he asked is that they give 15% to a charity and to spend the rest locally in independent stores.  Now, Turman Commercial Painters has formalized the program and are hoping it spreads across the country. I hope it does, but…

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Six Companies That Help Make Recycling Easier

In some respects, waste is immeasurable—it touches every aspect of your business, from the scrap paper that fills your waste bins to the fuel you use for business travel. And while we know that that aiming for zero waste is a fast, cheap and effective strategy for combating climate change, its not always easy to do. You can’t find the resources, it involves trips here and there, its expensive. There are all sorts of obstacles. However, these six companies (some…

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