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Jennifer Kaplan writes regularly about sustainable food and wine, the intersection of food and marketing and food politics for and is the author of Greening Your Small Business (November 2009, Penguin Group (USA)). She was been named one of The 16 Women You Must Follow on Twitter for Green Business. She has four kids, a dog, a hamster and an MBA - find her on .

Greenwash Alert: CBS Eco-Ads

Environmental Leader reported today that CBS will be giving a stamp of approval, an “EcoAd” visual “digital” leaf on TV commercials, to its ‘eco-friendly’ TV advertisers. The pitch is that every time an advertiser buys an EcoAd package, a portion of the price will fund projects that public bodies have identified as critical yet underfunded. Another eco-label? Ugh. Aren’t consumers confused enough about eco-labels? All sounds good, but this begs the question: What are the criteria by which an advertiser…

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Pro Wind Energy Film 'Wind Uprising' Counters Wind Power Critics

Last year I wrote about Wind Uprising, an award-winning documentary about the four-year struggle to establish the Spanish Fork Wind Project in Utah. We just got word that Wind Uprising is screening at the Mountain Top Film Festival on January 19-20 in Waitsfield, VT, as a last-minute addition, where it is being paired as a “double-feature” with Windfall, a controversial film critical of wind turbines. We also got word that both wind energy advocates and opponents are descending onto the…

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From SocialMediaopolis: Twelve Free eBooks and Information Resources for You

Another great email this week: From: Mike Crosson, Moderator and Publisher of SocialMediaopolis In honor of the twelve days of Christmas, here are 12 FREE helpful resources. Availability is limited so be sure to download before they are gone. You can order as many as you like, and after the first time you fill out the form, you need only enter your email address for additional items. 1. The Pros & Cons of Social Media Marketing: Surviving & Thriving in…

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Is Your Business Eco Superior? 11 Crucial Trends for 2011

There have been so many useful emails coming through my inbox lately.  Here’s another (Why fool with perfection…) My favorite trend? #10: ECO SUPERIOR Dear Jennifer, 2011 is rapidly approaching; our end of year of Trend Briefing is now live, and details 11 Consumer Trends for 2011 that need to be on your radar. Go straight to the Briefing, or quickly scan the 11consumer trends below: 1. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS In 2011, there will be no excuses left not…

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Book Review: Revolution in a Bottle—How TerraCycle Is Redefining Green Business by Tom Szaky

Like many others, we already loved TerraCycle before reviewing Tom Szaky’s book, Revolution in a Bottle—How TerraCycle Is Redefining Green Business. Szaky’s little book is incredibly readable and takes you through the ups and downs (there were lots of downs). Starting with his freshman year at Princeton and his decision to drop-out, Szaky takes us with him through every agonizing detail of the struggle to start the company and keep it afloat.  Think garbage bins filled with maggots, overflowing swimming pools filled with worm…

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TWTRCON Speakers Include Real-Time Business Innovators

On November 18, 2010 in San Francisco, TWTRCON, a one-day conference with a focus” on the business use of real-time technologies,” will have social media practitioners from leading brands and from small businesses, technology innovators and cutting-edge startups. The line-up includes: Corporate SM gurus: Ford Motor Company’s Scott Monty and Southwest Airlines’ Linda Rutherford Real-time marketing experts Steve Rubel and Brian Solis Marketing, analytics and technology experts such as Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik Speakers from Twitter: Director of Geo…

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New Study: Clean Energy Standards Barely Impact Small Business

Much has been written, including by myself, about the fact that small business organizations range form neutral to hostile on green issues.  There is a perception that environmental progress will cost small businesses resources they don’t have. The truth is that not much research has been conducted to prove or disprove that notion. Yesterday a study was released that shows just how little impact clean energy standards will have on small businesses. In fact, it concluded that the economic impacts…

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Biologically Inspired 'Artificial Leaves' Produce Electricity

This is a guest post by Colleen Mcguire. A North Carolina State University team has shown that water gel-based solar devices (called: “artificial leaves”) can behave like solar cells to create electricity. The analysis has been published on-line in the Journal of Materials Chemistry by Dr. Orlin Velev, an Invista Professor associated with Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering. The results promote the idea of making solar cells that more closely simulate nature. They are also likely to be more affordable and…

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Attracting Green Customers with Social Media

Social media is a powerful communication tool for the eco-minded. Green groups on Facebook and LinkedIn allow people to both network and to connect personally. Green blogs and eco-blogger networks provide forums for targeted content to be shared over the Internet. Green Twitter feeds keep time- and attention-pressured users in the loop. Online communities—such as those on and—exist for every eco-topic imaginable and media sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube are flooded with environmental content. The choice to…

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