The 5 Best Green Apps for your iPhone 7

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There’s a lot going for the new iPhone 7. Apple claims that the iPhone 7 is the best they have brought out.

The phone still has the same 4.7 and 5.5’’ screen sizes but there are some changes you’ll want to know about, apart from some trendy changes in colour schemes of the phone. Apart from the regular gold, silver and rose-gold shades, there’s the new dynamic red and the sleek black phone.

If colour is of no concern to you and practicality is, you’ll be pleased to know that this iPhone 7 is now IP67 dust and water resistant, so you don’t have to be too concerned when making a dash for cover during a thunderstorm.

We can’t get enough of speed in the 21st century, so the fact that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with an A10 Fusion processor, makes these phones even more desirable. This A10 Fusion processor ensures the phone is 40% faster than the processor in the iPhone 6s.

 5 Best Green Apps for your iPhone 7

Your iPhone 7 may have well have cost you a pretty penny, but there are many useful apps for it that will cost you nothing and which are as good as the paid ones, enabling you to expand your device’s capabilities in a myriad of exciting ways and help you make important green living decisions and be more connected to the planet.

+ Collins British Wildlife Photoguide

Wildlife enthusiasts interested in British wildlife will appreciate this versatile pocket wildlife field guide. It is essentially an electronic app version of a hefty hardback book. Categorised by taxonomy, you’ll get birds, mammals, butterflies, invertebrates and so on with photographs and a brief description, and of more than 1,500 species. A useful app if you want to become a field guide in the UK.

+ Pollution

Health and fitness fanatics will appreciate this app if they’re concerned about the cleanliness of the air they breathe. It keeps track of air pollution from some 1,380 cities worldwide. If you’re in London and you want to know what the pollution levels are, you’ll discover that the city’s air is described as ‘harmful’ according to air-quality sensors at Marylebone Road.

+ Dropcountr

We all know what a scarce and precious resource water is and this Dropcountr app is useful in that it will inform you of your water consumption. It will also keep tabs on how many gallons of water you’re using on a daily basis, what your consumption is over a week and even over a year. The app gives suggestions on how to live more frugally with the water we have and how to check rebate savings.

+ GoodGuide

This is a great app which has you considering your health and wellness as it gives you a rating for thousands of different products, whether they’re food items or household cleaning products; for instance, it will give you the nutritional value of the products you put into your shopping basket as well as some of the potential hazards you face when you buy products with dangerous chemicals and toxins in them.

+ BrightNest

This app is of great use for homeowners who want to save energy and also save money. This app also offers plenty of tips and advice about how to go about performing certain home tasks in a more energy-efficient way. Not only that, if you’re a new homeowner, the app will provide useful information on simply getting down to all the necessary chores that come with running a home. The app is packed full of great advice so that you can keep on top of things when running your home.


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