What Countries are Leaders in Solar Power Production?

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There’s just no stopping the solar power industry.

In fact, green technologies of all kinds are breaking sales records and appearing in our homes at an unprecedented rate. This is a comforting development, particularly at a time when scientists are promising grave consequences unless global unsustainable energy consumption is reduced immediately.

One good indicator of how the western world is feeling about sustainable power is the Global Energy Ranking. This lists ten nations, in order of their commitment to solar energy and the amount of power their current systems are producing. So, essentially, it’s a leader board. It shows which countries are winning the battle for a greener, cleaner society.

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Solar Power in China (130.4 GW)

It may come as a surprise to find that, in 2014, China accounted for as much as 70% of the solar thermal capacity produced by the entire world. After all, it doesn’t have a great environmental record. It continues to struggle with dangerous levels of air pollution.

However, the country has plans to generate 20% of its national energy using renewable methods by 2030. This is a big commitment, but recent clean energy initiatives have shown that China does indeed have the ability to make this happen.

Solar Power in the United States (85.3. GW)

The United States of America occupies an uneasy position on this list. It has the potential to be a world leader in sustainable energy and solar power. However, recent developments mean the country stands on a precipice. America is no longer a part of international efforts to fight climate change.

This is not good news from any perspective, but it doesn’t spell the end for green energy in the USA. Several states appear to be fighting the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement by adopting their own ambitious renewable energy targets.

Solar Power in Japan (63.3 GW)

Japan is one of the few countries on the list with an accomplished energy record. It was one of the first nations to invest in solar power and it continues to push for innovation from clean energy suppliers. By 2050, it hopes to produce 10% of its power using solar technology.

It is already home to one of the biggest solar powered buildings on the planet. It is called the Solar Ark and it was built to educate citizens about the benefits of sustainable power. In April 2017, a Japanese company created the most efficient solar panel in existence.

Solar Power in India (57.4 GW)

While India has only been investing in solar power for six years, it is expected to make huge leaps in a relatively short space of time. This will be made possible with financial support from the World Bank, which is lending US$1billion to fund its clean energy projects.

The current government plans to produce an installed capacity of 100GW by the year 2022. It isn’t just the environment which these initiatives are nurturing. Solar power is giving millions of poor families the opportunity to light and heat their homes.

What Solar Power Can Do For You

The benefits of solar power for individual households should not be underestimated. You could save substantial amounts of money from energy saved by offsetting electric with solar panels. You do have to pay for installation, but there are several different schemes, subsidies, and support programs to help manage the costs.

For instance, the Australian government currently offers an average subsidy of $3,500 on standard sized installations. Also, if you work with a flexible provider, you can pick a payment plan which works for you. Many families settle the sum over a two or five year period and this makes the monthly premiums very small. No matter your circumstances, there is a solar powered option that can suit you!

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