An Interview with CKitchen: Food Service Equipment and Design with a Conscience

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By Carolyn Fortuna

Tell us a bit about CKitchen:

We’re an E Friedman company. That means CKitchen* represents all major brands of commercial kitchen equipment like Vulcan and Hobart. Since our beginnings in 1984, we’ve focused on the highest quality products and lots of upscale projects. We know how hard it is to go it alone when you’re trying to open a restaurant or similar food service related business— we’re a team that can help you.

Our projects division is responsible for some of the largest food service projects in the country. We’ve done hotels, restaurants, and institutions; we help both newcomers and veteran operators to reach profitable levels.


What kinds of food service and equipment consulting services do you offer?

It makes the most sense to take the most cost effective route by having professional food service equipment plans produced for you by Ckitchen’s projects division. You know, most health departments require a design plan. They’re really adamant that the plan follows sanitary health codes..

We incorporate a variety of services into the design and specifications of your project. Think of everything you need to be aware of! Health codes, sanitation, safe food handling, hazard control, fire code compliance, employee safety compliance, American Disability Act requirements, work flow efficiencies, and energy and water conservation.

Our food service equipment consulting matches the right commercial kitchen equipment necessary for receiving, preparation, cooking, safely storing, and presenting your menu to your guests. We sell just what you need for your project: cooking equipment, kitchen equipment, bakery equipment, walking cooler, ice machines, commercial ovens, commercial grill, commercial flash freezer, dishwashing, and many other items.

What would designs of my food service project look like?

You’ll receive a complete set of food service equipment related utility requirement drawings. The drawings will encompass drainage, water, gas, steam, electric, and cooking ventilation — with all related calculations. With this vital information, you’ll be able to coordinate your architect, engineers, trades people, and general contractor.

What’s an example of advice you gave to a client that really made a difference?

Recently, a client who builds first rate senior adult living complexes wanted our advice about a new location that would not have access to gas. He wanted to know, Would electric cooking equipment really serve the purpose?

With the many technological advances in efficiency, electric cooking equipment today may actually be less costly to maintain than gas. That’s because an electric induction range can be really fast to get up to cooking and boiling temperatures. How does that happen? Well, all of the heat goes directly into the vessel, so the surface is actually be cool to the touch. That is the “magic” where the efficiency is— no wasted energy. It also provides a safer work condition with less risk of burns to employees and guests — and decreased potential of fire hazards.

We mentioned to the client that, in addition to cooking, induction technology is now being used for high volume warming, taking the place of sterno powered chafing dishes. Controllable heat allows for warming rather than overcooking the product. Griddle tops, too, are now part of the induction family of commercial kitchen equipment. Our client was glad that she came to us for advice.

How could a food service operation specialist take my project to the next level?

A food service operation specialist provides guidance for organizing, menu and beverage development, food cost analysis, business planning, handling POS and payroll systems, managing telecom and credit card accounts, tracking gift cards, recruiting and training profiles, and establishing an online profile. This is a personal with the professional background and experience to link your technology to the applications available in the marketplace today.

Do I really need an Architect/ Designer for my project?

An architect/ designer is able to provide the aesthetics, technical information, and coordination to bring your project to life. It doesn’t matter if your space is new or refurbished. You’d get the help where it counts to define all codes and ordinances, coordinate trades people, provide engineering services, and seal and expedite all of the drawings and paperwork through building, fire, and health departments.

And, should you need it, we could extend these services to include logos, business cards, signage, menus, and even letterhead. We want to make sure you have a polished and professional image to represent your business vision.

What makes CKitchen different in the way you treat your employees?

We are loyal to our customers as well as our employees. Our average sales professional has been with us for over eight years. This accounts for the fact that they are some of the most knowledgeable in the restaurant equipment industry. We continue to strive for value added service while maintaining the lowest prices in the industry.

If somebody wants more information about CKitchen, where would they look?

Consumers can find us at CKitchen online (we even have live chat), or call our customer service department anytime Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm at 800-555-0666.


This post was sponsored by CKitchen; images from CKitchen on Facebook

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