Building Green Homes with Excel Builders

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What makes a green home sustainable? A green home increases the efficiency of using energy, water, heat, and other eco-friendly materials to reduce the impact on our health and environment. Constructing homes produce a huge impact on our environment and as homeowners, we are responsible for the use of our natural resources.

Excel Builders has been in the business of building homes and serving Maryland for several decades. They started by constructing houses using traditional materials, tools, and equipment. However, the company has evolved by expanding their services and using lumber, insulated concrete, and structural insulated panels in addition to the traditional wood frame.

The company is also offering customized home plan services that caters specifically to the client’s preference. Their services include the construction, electrical work, plumbing, and finishing. Aside from the traditional methods of building homes, Excel Builders are also going green.

There are lots of benefits to building a more sustainable home:

Energy Efficiency

Excel Builders prides itself on using insulated concrete forms when building houses. This material is capable of conserving interior temperatures to minimize the use of heating and cooling systems. Insulated concrete forms are 70% more energy-efficient and offer excellent resistance against wind, fire, and noise compared to using wood materials.

Expert engineers help analyze the data so that you are guaranteed a lower heating and cooling expenses in their monthly bill. This helps you save money on your electricity bills.

Sustainable Equipment

Excel Builders is currently using Greenspeed, the most efficient heat pump available in the market today. A high-performance air system is also used to provide a healthy living environment by replacing indoor air with a fresh outdoor air to prevent stale circulation. Excel Builders uses dual glazed low e-argon gas windows to improve the energy efficiency in your window structures.

A salt-free water purification system is also used to eliminate chemicals in the water system. The system uses a water filter and softener to keep your water supply clean and healthy for your family. They also offer a tankless water heater for your home. Unlike traditional tanks that use heaters throughout the entire day, a tankless heats water on demand, which helps save energy by heating water only when necessary.

There are a lot of different ways to build a more sustainable home, and Excel Builders can help plan this for you. And now that there are so many more options for sustainable building, it’s easier than ever to have a safer home, improve the air quality, boost energy efficiency, AND save money at the same time.

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