5 Essentials for Setting Up a Home Photo Studio

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Are you an aspiring shutterbug who wants to practice portrait photography? If you want to harness your skills before shooting outdoors, you may want to consider a home photo studio. You don’t need to rent a separate space for your studio because you can easily transform your room into your very own photography studio, as you can always make space for one in the comforts of your own home.

Here’s a quick list of gear you’ll surely need if you want to create your own photography studio at home:

1. A DSLR Camera with the Necessary Accessories

Of course, the most important piece of equipment you’ll need is a camera. Since you will use this device only in the premises of your home studio, there’s no need to worry about its size or weight. All you need to worry about is how high its resolution can go.

When it comes to lenses, you also won’t need fancy wide-angle or telephoto lenses. Several macro prime lenses in 85mm or 50mm are enough. You’ll also need a tripod to mount your camera on when taking portraits. You can also invest on other extra accessories, such as batteries, memory cards, and chargers.

2. A Computer with Good Specs

Once you’ve taken the photos, you’d need somewhere to process them. That’s what the computer is for—a way to store, retouch, or enhance raw photos. Desktops are a practical choice for use in your home studio because you can conveniently connect your camera via tether connection. This allows your camera to send the images straight to your computer right after you take them.

Other considerations for your desktop rig are a fast processor, to help speed up any editing tasks you may need to do, plus a big monitor screen.

3. Printer and Ink

Of course, after taking and retouching the photos, you’ll need to print them out. That’s where a high-quality printer comes in, allowing you to print small batches of photos right away. And printing out photos doesn’t need to be expensive. For example, instead of purchasing expensive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ink cartridges, you can opt for more affordable alternatives that offer the same quality, such as remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges.

4. Cloth Backdrops

If you don’t have a bare wall that’s big enough to act as a background for your studio shots, then a cloth backdrop becomes a necessity. Plain white or gray backdrops are essential for standard passport or ID-style photos. You can eventually purchase more decorative backgrounds for more creative shots.

5. Lighting

Even if your studio is in a part of your house that has ample light, you’ll still need additional lighting equipment to illuminate your subjects correctly. So, on top of getting one main light, other items such as reflectors and lighting stands are necessary.

As you can see, setting up your own home photography studio isn’t that hard. While there’s a lot of equipment that’s on this list, you don’t have to buy them all in one fell swoop. You can build your studio piece-by-piece until you have everything you need to shoot like a professional at home.

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