How Retailers Can Leverage Environmental Strategies to Drive Business and Brand Value

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Over the last five years, the Australian government has steadily increased the amount of funding that it offers to startups and non-traditional businesses. It has placed particular emphasis on the importance of green enterprises and pledged to help energy efficient brands find the cash to get their operations off the ground.

This is, in large part, due to the fact that eco-friendly startups in Australia are not developing as fast as their international counterparts. So, a boost from the state is needed to ensure that plenty of green products do make it to the market. A sizeable $3.2 million has been allocated to startup entrepreneurs who are pursuing renewable energy solutions.

The real question is, how can startups and small businesses convert this financial support into a reliable, established brand, with an expanding customer base?

This article will explore some of the ways in which retailers can make a green investment a major asset.


Always Walk Your Talk

This is the foundation of all successful eco-friendly enterprises. If you are a company that has built its brand on green products or services, you have to believe in them. You can’t just be trying to cash in on a trend. The consumers will spot it a mile off and they’ll ignore you.
This might mean investing in environmentally friendly LED lighting from a provider like Creative Lighting Solutions Australia. It could mean making the move towards a more carbon neutral operation. Shoppers want to see you setting an example; not just hawking green technologies for a quick profit.

Be Upfront with Customers

The one thing that consumers hate more than a ‘greenwasher’ – a company that uses green products, but doesn’t operate efficiently – is a business that tells lies. It is absolutely imperative that you don’t try to deceive customers, even when it comes to your failures. Don’t forget that eco-friendly corporations are a relatively new phenomenon. You’re not expected to have all of the answers right away.

A good example of what omitting pertinent details will do for you can be found in the case of Sigg. This manufacturer of eco-friendly aluminium bottles was very clear about the fact that their products were BPA-free. That is until a leaked letter revealed that the bottles did contain small amounts of BPA and the CEO had known about it for some time. The company came under fire and it lost customers as a result of the scandal.

Promote a Responsible Product Lifecycle

To really make environmental strategies beneficial for your brand, you’ve got to learn and develop alongside consumers. Shoppers are only just waking up to the value and significance of green products and they’re looking to retailers to tell them everything they need to know. You should be a brand that informs and educates, by advising customers on the best ways to maximise the green credentials of your products.

In other words, it is important to promote a whole product lifecycle. Provide information on how it should be used, which components are recyclable, and how they should go about disposing of the packaging materials. You can’t force shoppers to be environmentally responsible, but you can be there to give them support when they decide that it is the right choice.

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Why Green Strategies Are the Future of Your Brand

The businesses that have the foresight to invest in green solutions and technologies right now are the ones that will excel over the next decade. While it is true that green corporations are still unconventional and nontraditional, they will become the new norm. And your brand will be much better prepared to take advantage of the change, if you are bold enough to ride the wave while it’s a little force, with big potential.

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