The Business of Building a More Resilient Lawn

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When Hollywood actors Tommy Gallop and Bradley White saw the lawns browning and water reserves dwindling under Los Angeles’ desert sun, beyond simply feeling frustration or anger, they decided they wanted to do something about it.

“I was talking to my long-time friend David Diamond at Turfscape about what could be done to address this critical issue, and he started talking to me about synthetic turf,” Gallop said. “He filled me in on why his company’s green landscaping alternative was in such high demand by homeowners and businesses, particularly on the West Coast.”

Gallop and White run Turfscape Westside, which serves entertainment industry veterans as well as other high-profile Los Angeles residents. For their clients, the appeal is generally the aesthetic advantage of synthetic turf. In addition to preservation of water as a resource, the offer of lush, verdant lawns that require minimal maintenance are received well by Hollywood’s affluent community— which incidentally is not disinterested in keeping up appearances.

“Lawns are more important here than many places in the country,” Gallop said. “This is the capital of ‘appearance is everything’.”



Beyond just Tinseltown, Turfscape has growing appeal in California, with a just-launched second franchise location in nearby Somis.

Founded in 2014, Turfscape is the leading synthetic turf landscape solutions provider in North America, providing scientifically engineered, environmentally friendly synthetic turf that saves residential, municipal and commercial customers time and money, improves aesthetic appeal and ensures a safe surface for families, children and pets.

The franchise is based in Downers Grove, Illinois, and is sister company to UBU Sports, which for years has supplied and installed synthetic turf surfaces for use in a variety of sporting events, including football, baseball, field hockey, soccer, rugby and lacrosse. UBU Sports’ fields serve as ground gear for teams ranging from professional franchises—14 NFL teams practice or play their homes games on a UBU Sports surface—collegiate and major indoor arena leagues to local high schools and municipalities.

As Turfscape’s Somis location shows, the move to replace ordinary grass lawns with synthetic turf extends beyond simply the wealthy. The price on synthetic turf has come down to the point where The San Bernardino County Sun estimates that approximately 500 homes per week in Los Angeles County are opting to buy synthetic turf as a result of water shortages. Communities are also offering rebates and financial incentives to homeowners that make the switch to synthetic turf as well.

Part of the motivation for that high and ever-increasing number is the prevalence of drought conditions in the West and elsewhere. California, in particular, is in the midst of its worst drought in 60 years. Some of the Hollywood elite have come under fire for excessive water usage at a time when communities like Beverly Hills are mandating its residents reduce water consumption by more than one-third.

Not only is there a huge push to buy synthetic turf, but to sell synthetic turf as well, as Gallop witnessed firsthand.

“Last year I attended my first West Coast Franchise Expo in Anaheim, and we were overwhelmed with the amount of small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to partner with Turfscape,” Gallop said. “There are so many people that recognize how dire the water crisis is and want to do their part in helping the environment.”

Turfscape offers a green franchise alternative for those looking for a new business opportunity with an established brand. The executive team offers a wealth of collective experience in effective business development and will be there to support new owners as their sustainable business grows. To learn more, you can call Turfscape directly, (800) 467-0000 or visit their site.


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