Eco-Friendly Promotional Goods to Promote your Business

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Promotional items can take your business to the next level. It takes more than a great idea and hard work to make a business successful. You need to create some excitement — some buzz — about your company and its products. But when choosing these items for corporate gifts of company events, it’s imperative to set a good example for customers and other companies by choosing eco-friendly promotional goods.

eco-friendly promotional goodsEffective promotional items are “sticky.” People want them because they are useful, small enough to carry easily, and well made.

GoPromotional is one of the largest suppliers of high quality promotional items in the world. With almost 30 years of experience, it has an excellent reputation for on time deliveries and customer service.

GoPromotional products are items people will want to take with them wherever they go or enjoy having on their desk– like the branded grow kits featured in the image at right.

Equally great is the idea that each time your client or customers reaches for their keys, needs a flashlight, or uses a sustainably sourced tote bag they think of your company.

The company offers a wide assortment of eco-friendly promotional items. Today, everyone knows plastic bags are bad for the environment. They can take up to 100 years to break down in a landfill, and when they get washed into the ocean, they can suffocate wildlife. GoPromotional has a full line of tote bags made from sustainable fabrics or recycled plastic.

eco-friendly promotional goodsChose from recycled pens, pencils, or note pads for use at conferences and meetings. Or select flash drives made from recycled paper or bamboo. Distribute eco flashlights embossed with your company name and logo that have no batteries. Instead, they are recharged by the squeeze of your hand or the turn of crank. There are also eco mugs and drinkware available.

For IT customers, why not provide them with USB drives or portable power supplies? Perk up business meetings with embossed pens, stationery, name tags or memo boards. GoPromotional produces more than 5 million custom made items every year at its manufacturing facilities in England.

eco-friendly promotional goodsGoPromotional offers low prices on eco-friendly conference gear and branded items, in addition to a wide array of more traditional corporate gifts. Find all their eco items here and contact them with any questions via email.

This post was sponsored by GoPromotional UK; all product images from their site and available at the time of this writing

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