Dell Honored as Circular Economy Pioneer at Davos

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circular-economy-2015Dell, the IT company that aims to leave “a legacy of good”, has been leading the way toward more sustainable packaging in the tech industry, starting with its own, and partnering with organizations such as Goodwill for its e-waste collection program, but a recent award focuses on Dell’s contribution to the circular economy.

At the recent Circular Economy Awards in Davos, Switzerland (an annual event that recognizes those individuals and enterprises making notable contributions in driving forward the circular economy principles), Dell was awarded the 2015 Accenture Award for Circular Economy Pioneer:

“Dell is not only setting an outstanding example through its own sustainability practices, but is playing a leading role in advancing the standards, infrastructure and international policies that will move the entire technology industry toward a circular economy. This will safeguard scarce resources and ultimately improve the competitiveness of those who, like Dell, are leading the charge.” – Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture

“From product design, packaging and shipping through recycling and reuse, Dell is finding ways to minimize its impact on the environment and communities. Dell implemented a major redesign across engineering, industrial design, procurement, logistics and marketing, resulting in the use of post-consumer recycled plastics in its products. Dell has also developed the OptiPlex 3030, the first computer made using certified closed-loop recycled plastics.” – Circular Economy Awards

As the number of people entering the middle class jumps in the coming decades, the demand for more connected devices and services will follow accordingly, which will put increasing pressure on the planet’s resources. One of the ways that Dell, and other leading tech companies, is addressing the issue, is through focusing on technology that can “make it easy for customers to achieve their goals without acquiring more ‘stuff,’ such as virtualization, cloud services, and other advances.

Read more about the Circular Economy Awards, or about Dell’s CSR work.

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