Generation Z Will Influence Your Business in 2015, Says Ford Trend Report

further-ford-trends-2015Generation Z, defined loosely as those born after 1993, will probably influence how your business is run in the coming years, if it hasn’t already, according to the latest Ford Trend Report.

Whether you’re planning for the future of your business, planning to start up a business, or just looking to expand your reach in the coming year, it can be very helpful to study up on both the emerging trends in your industry, as well as the trends shaping the whole economy.

Without an understanding of where your business, and its products or services, lies in context to the market as a whole, and to your ideal customer in particular, defining an effective marketing or branding campaign can be more of a game of chance than it should be. And it’s not as hard as you might think – a simple set of social and digital media tools can easily reap a wealth of great information about emerging trends – because some companies are freely publishing the predictions of their futurists, in this case Sheryl Connelly, Ford global consumer trend and futuring manager.

The recently released Looking Further with Ford: 2015 Trends report is a 49-page downloadable PDF that offers a number of insights on not only emerging trends for the next year, but also those likely to shape the markets in years to come. And one of those, which shouldn’t surprise you too much, is the growing influence of Generation Z, “the first truly global generation”.

“While demographics are invariably a factor in futuring work, what’s driving our report for 2015 is this emerging Generation Z consumer, who is already inspiring attitudes and behaviors in consumers of all ages.

We saw similar traits with Millennials, but Gen Z consumers – being much more connected and aware of the options available to them – are the global go-getters who have a link to each of our 10 micro-trends for 2015.” – Sheryl Connelly, Ford global consumer trend and futuring manager

While Generation Z might be the headliner in this trend report, a number of other trends to watch in 2015 and beyond will apply to other demographics as well, including the “carryless movement”, the valuing of access over ownership (collaborative and sharing economies), the question of privacy both on- and offline, the desire for optimal health, and the changing definition of mobility in everything people do.

Each of the ten trends is fleshed out with examples and graphics to illustrate the ideas, each of which could be a gold mine of business opportunities for those ready to take advantage of them, or could serve as a way to frame your current business to reassess its future.

Grab your copy of the Looking Further with Ford 2015 Trend Report and dig in today.

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