Long-Distance Ridesharing App Helps Find a Seat or Fill One For Roadtrips

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Editor’s Note: Uh-oh! Looks like Coride is now defunct. Check out our post about 15 best apps for rideshare and carshare apps here on Green Living Ideas instead!

Instead of driving alone on your next long-distance trip, this ridesharing app and network can help you find a like-minded traveling partner willing to share a ride, and the costs, with you.

The rise in local ridesharing services and on-demand cars help add to our transportation options, and can be a great boon to both drivers and passengers, but for the most part, they only really work for shorter trips. And if you want to find a ride (or offer to share a ride) to the other side of the state, or across the country, your options are still fairly limited.

Physical ridesharing boards, where people can post their want/need requests, are still in use in many places, and classified ads in newspapers and online publications can be used as well, but the best option for connecting with other travelers that you can trust continues to be through our physical social network (the people we actually know in real life).

coride-iphoneHowever, our digital social networks are growing rapidly, and in our modern mobile and networked culture, it’s easier than ever before to connect to people, right from our phone, so a long-distance ridesharing app and community like Coride could be a great step forward for the transportation sharing economy.

“Coride.co started as two designers sharing rides between Madison, WI and Milwaukee. Now we’re a growing community of folks who share rides.

Our goal is to turn the 80% of cars with only one person in them on the highway into the largest regional transportation system in the country.” – Coride

If you’re a driver, you can post your ‘corides’ (the trips you’re taking), list your riding preferences (music, food, conversation), and set your prices from the app, as well as connect to and communicate with potential passengers via a private chat function. Passengers can search for corides to their destination from the app, view car and driver profiles, set up alerts for corides going to your destination, book a coride, and communicate with the driver via real-time chats.

“Coride.co helps you share long-distance car rides and with friendly people. With the app you can message drivers and passengers in real time, instantly spot check your itinerary, leverage social networks to find passengers and drivers, set your preferences in your profile (e.g. conversation, eating…), in short — everything to make your travel experience right for you.”

Check out what Coride has to offer on the website, or just go ahead and download the app for either iOS or Android and get started finding or posting a ridesharing opportunity.