Free eBook for Entrepreneurs: Fire Yourself

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fire-yourself-coverEntrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and those curious about the next step in their career may find some inspiration, advice, and guidance in this ebook from the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki.

Together with his co-author, serial entrepreneur Shane Caniglia, Kiyosaki offers some perspectives on entrepreneurialism in this book, including why they believe that entrepreneurship is the most secure career choice.

This week, in honor of Entrepreneur Month at Rich Dad, they’re giving away free copies of Fire Yourself: Be your own boss and get ahead financially until September 14th,2014.

The ebook features entrepreneurial lessons and advice from Kiyosaki and Caniglia, including:

  • The difference between having a great business idea and having a well-designed business to support it
  • Why “spirituality” is as important as a desire to make money in driving success
  • The importance of advisors and mentors, in addition to talented workers in creating a strong team
  • The qualities that make a well-balanced, business leader
  • Each entrepreneur’s assessment of Cashflow, Communication, Systems, Legal and Product management

To get your free copy of this book, go to Rich Dad and sign up today, and grab your copies of other free ebooks, read more from Kiyosaki in his blog posts, or listen to his podcasts about money and entrepreneurialism.


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