Rideshare Social Network Connects Riders and Drivers for Journeys

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This rideshare social network aims to help you use your friends as taxis, cutting down on the amount of money and fuel costs for both of you, while also helping to reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

The sharing economy has been steadily growing, but for some needs, such as transportation, there is a bit of hesitation, as many of us may not be comfortable with sharing rides with strangers. So having a way of organizing a carpool or rideshare group among your trusted social networks, connecting people that often travel to the same destinations so they can share the journey, could go a long way toward allaying fears about riding with people they don’t know.

The rideshare network Faxi, which covers not only auto transportation, but also bicycle trips, public transport, and walking, allows users to set up either private or public “journey sharing” groups, and to share those trips with people they know and trust.

Obviously, sharing a walking journey or bicycle trip with another person isn’t exactly a rideshare scheme, but can have other benefits beside splitting the cost and transport responsibilities, such as giving users company on their journey and enabling them to not have to walk or cycle alone.

However, sharing a ride in an automobile with someone who’s traveling past your destination on their regular driving route, or to a nearby location, can effectively cut fuel costs and parking fees, while reducing the amount of transportation-related emissions.


“Plan and share journeys with friends, family or colleagues using a smart location-based map. Identify and plan local sharing partners for walking, cycling or car sharing and save time, money and pollution!

Anyone can set up a private or open group and invite their friends or colleagues to join it. Based around a map showing your journey and other users as icons, you can see what their status is, and then use the built in messaging system to arrange your journey share. It’s that simple.” – Faxi

One of the neat things about this rideshare platform is that it allows for the creation of groups that have a regular schedule (such as school drop-offs, commuting, or sports practice), and gives each group a private web page to manage their routes and to communicate with each other securely.

“Once a group is set up, Faxi creates a link which can be sent to friends and colleagues inviting them to join. Group membership can be restricted to users with an e-mail address known to the administrator and uploaded to Faxi.

Once registered, a user’s location is pin-pointed on a map and they can then identify ideal journey sharing partners by seeing who lives nearby or en route, and message them without giving away personal information. Functionality in the map allows users to plot the best routes and establish distance, travel time and cost.”

Faxi is free to use, and the company plans to roll out a digital payment method (for sharing costs), a calculator for determining journey costs, an alerts system, reminders, and a real time navigation function. There is mobile Faxi app for Android users, and an iOS app is forthcoming.

Find out more about this rideshare platform at Faxi, or get connected to the company through their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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