Aging US Water Infrastructure Wastes Massive Amounts of Water

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Upgrading and modernizing our aging water infrastructure can be an incredibly effective method of conserving fresh water. In fact, cutting water losses and optimizing its use ought to be one of the very first steps in building a more sustainable world.

However, because much of our water systems are virtually invisible to the average citizen, the water infrastructure may not be getting the attention, or the innovation, that it needs in order to be able to cope with the increased demands and changing environmental and climate conditions.

Developing and implementing new and more efficient ways of distributing, applying, and recycling water could be an excellent eco entrepreneurial entry to the water infrastructure industry, and these types of water innovation could help cities and regions become more resilient and more sustainable.

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The Value of Water Coalition hosted an in-depth conversation at the Newseum in Washington DC on the current condition of water infrastructure in the United States, the consequences of letting leaky and failing systems worsen, and solutions to water…


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