Electric Cars Hold You Back, Claims Lexus Hybrid Ad

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Tearing down your competition in order to try to pat yourself on the back is a time-tested, though fallacious, sales tactic, and luxury car maker Lexus has fallen right into that trap with their new video ad for their hybrid vehicles, which claims that a plugin electric car will “hold you back” because of charge times.

There are a host of reasons why most of us will not be purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle from a luxury car maker, regardless of their charge times or purported environmental benefits, but this type of advertising from Lexus may not really even be targeting the average car buyer, as Jo Borras over at Gas2 points out.

[repostus]Pitch-perfect Lexus Hybrid Ad Claims Plug-in Cars Hold You Back (via Gas 2.0)

A new video from Lexus seems to take a shot at plug-in cars, claiming the technology “can actually hold you back”, and running a photo of an EV parking spot with the words “Reserved for Someone With Four Hours to Kill”. It’s a ridiculously…