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untitledInstead of hosting a panel or doing a live interview in person to raise awareness about an issue, to promote a product, or to further engage your company’s customers or clients, you can have a “live” text conversation with this iPhone app, and share it publicly.

While live in-person events can be a great way to engage in conversations with your audience, they also require quite a bit more resources to put on and to travel to, so using an effective low-carbon alternative could be a more sustainable choice, especially for eco-entrepreneurs and green businesses.

While it is possible to host events and discussions on other social platforms, Tawkers can offer some advantages over the current options for live web conversations.

The free app allows two hosts to have a text-based conversation (a Tawk) together, which is publicly viewable, and audience members can leave comments and ask questions in the forum section, which the hosts can pull into the public Tawk or reply to, and each Tawk has a permanent URL for sharing and bookmarking, so even guests that miss the live version can “tune in” to it later.

Tawkers can be used for a variety of purposes, from promoting a cause or debating an issue to launching a product or sharing your knowledge:

Educate: People travel far and wide to attend panels and live interviews; Tawkers let you share what you know from the comfort of your home.

Promote: Whether it’s an upcoming event, a product launch, or an exciting release, Tawkers is a great vehicle to promote your work.

Activate: Nothing will mobilize the masses quite like a call to action; Tawkers lets you start a viral conversation about your cause.

To get an idea of how others are using Tawkers, here’s an example of a Tawk hosted by Deepak Chopra and his co-author, Rudy Tanzi, to promote their latest book, Super Brain, and here’s a conversation between an activist and a documentary filmmaker about “How To Fix The World With Video”.

Tawks can be accessed or participated in either on the web at Tawkers, or via the free iOS app, and anyone can sign up to host or participate in these free public instant messaging conversations.

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