A Bottled Water that Plants Trees and Creates Clean Energy

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Bottled water tends to be an environmental boondoggle. Not only are most bottled water brands using the same municipal water that is readily available from the tap (with a huge markup added to it), but those plastic bottles contribute to our massive plastic waste problem, even if in theory, they are recyclable.

However, there’s a new kind of bottled water in the works, and one which promises to be not only eco-friendly in its materials, but that is designed with its full lifecycle in mind.

Treeson Spring Water uses a plant-based (non-GMO) material for its bottles, which could help eliminate plastic waste, and the brand aims to be the world’s first eco-friendly bottled water, by offering free return shipping for the bottles, which are then used to generate clean electricity in order to make new bottles.

The bottles, dubbed “Leaf Bottles” are designed to collapse flat when empty, making it simple and easy to mail back to the company to be turned back into energy.



It’s hard to imagine how a bottled water brand could ever be considered sustainable or eco-friendly, considering how easy it is to buy and use a refillable water bottle. However, according to Treeson, because people are going to continue to buy bottled water, creating an eco-friendly alternative is a way to work within the industry to create a more sustainable solution.

“Right now, we are simply trying to create a more sustainable alternative to the plastic bottles that are already being sold by the billions. Thanks to fracking and industrial or agricultural run-off, not everyone has access to 100% safe water. That is a real problem and for a small percentage of people it makes bottled water a necessity. For others, it is a convenience or they have been misled into thinking tap water is bad for them somehow. The point being, bottled water is probably here to stay for the foreseeable future and sales show no signs of slowing.

This is why we are making the controversial move of working from within the industry. Yes, we are going to be criticized for being “another bottled water” but, realistically this is how we can change things. Whatever you feel about bottled water, please understand that our motives are pure and we will endeavor to maintain complete transparency always. Our mission is to stop the plastic waste ending up in the ocean and we will continue to use our product to advance that goal until the day it is obsolete and we have eliminated the need for it entirely.” – Treeson

The water in Treeson Spring Water is true to its name, as it does initially come from an actual spring, and then has electrolytes, nutrients, and oxygen added to it, in a process that is said to “return it to the state it was in at the source.”

Treeson also supports the future of clean air and clean water, as they plant a tree for every bottle of their water that is sold, and a forthcoming mobile app will let users track the trees they have contributed to being planted, including the actual GPS coordinates of those trees.

Right now, Treeson is in a crowdfunding phase, with a Kickstarter campaign that is currently very close to being fully funded. If you’d like to see a more sustainable bottled water solution, and one that contributes to the future of clean air and clean water, then consider backing Treeson before the campaign ends this Friday night (March 14th).