Platform Connects Conscious Consumers with Like-Minded Businesses

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With the aim of helping to enable people to support businesses doing good (whether for their community, the environment, or in other ways), a new digital platform acts as a virtual community and search tool to connect conscious consumers with like-minded businesses across the US.

The platform, called This Good World, focuses on “the good” that businesses already do, and the commitment that businesses make to do good in the future, with the intent of supporting more good in our neighborhoods and communities. To join, businesses need to commit to making this pledge:

“If good exists, we will find it. When good is found, we will spread it. If good is not yet there, we will create it.”

This Good World functions as a search and discovery tool, with a searchable map function that allows conscious consumers to find nearby like-minded businesses, or to use when traveling and in areas not familiar to them.

The idea sprang from the social networks of yesteryear, when businesses and professionals joined together to promote good in their communities, whether through community service or collaborative efforts to better their neighborhoods.

“With today’s tools, technologies and everything we have available at our fingertips, now is the time to bring back that sense of community, responsibility and support.” – Gavin Thomas, co-founder

In addition to serving as a “business for good” discovery tool for individuals, This Good World also seeks to act as a platform for businesses to collaborate for actions supporting the greater good in their local community, state, or region.

This Good World currently has a membership base of about 100 organizations in industries ranging from food to retail to manufacturing to business services. The platform is free for individuals, and the cost for membership for businesses depends on the size of the business (and includes a no-cost option for organizations that couldn’t otherwise participate due to their financial position).

Search for like-minded businesses at This Good World, or see if your business would be a good fit here.

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