Kids Clothing that Grows with Them: Interview with Nula Kids Founders

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As the saying goes, build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. The same goes for just about any product that solves a pain point or problem for people, especially for parents.

One big issue that affects the bottom line of families is their kids clothing, because no sooner do you get them clothes that fit than they grow out of them. In fact, kids clothing that is well made and affordably priced is one of those products that will always sell well, because parents will always need to buy new clothes for their children every year (and probably more like every six months, if the rate at which my kids grow are any indication).

One kids clothing company that is redefining sustainable fashion for children (and sustainable purchasing for the parents who clothe them), is Nula Kids. Nula offers a line of “modular” kids clothing that can adjust to fit children for up to three years, potentially saving not only money, but time and frustration on the parents’ part as well.

Here’s an interview with Nula Kids co-founders, Erica Murphy and Ashlie Kodsy, with some lessons on sustainable fashion, the perils and successes of owning a small business, and tips for launching a brand to consumers.

[repostus]From Fashion Students to Business Owners: An Inside Look at Nula Kids’ Journey to Create Adjustable Children’s Clothing [Interview] (via sustainablog)

Thanks to more transparency in the sustainable fashion industry, we, the customers, are no longer outsiders in the clothing manufacturing processes. We have the resources to track the sources of designers’ fabrics and other materials, the seamstresses…

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