This Portable Generator is Pedal-Powered

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If you’ve got a need for a portable generator that isn’t dependent on petroleum-based fuels, and one that is based on the most efficient technology on the planet, then you might want to look into this human-powered device, dubbed Pedal Power.

Pedal Power isn’t designed for power-hungry devices or entire homes or offices, but is instead intended to provide “human-scale” energy for everyday tasks, from generating electricity to pumping water to running a food processor or running a hydraulic press or air compressor. The devices can be used in different configurations to best suit the power generation needs of the user, and has the added benefit of providing physical exercise to the user, which is sorely needed in our modern sedentary lifestyle.

So instead of purchasing a portable generator that runs on expensive and dirty fossil fuels, consider one that is powered by the food you eat:

[repostus]Pedal Power — Simple Human-Powered Means Of Generating Electricity (via Planetsave)

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to own an electricity generating bicycle, well, guess what, now you can. Pedal Power — as the concept has been dubbed — will give consumers the means to create electricity using nothing but their own muscle…

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