LEED Certification and Green Building, by the Numbers

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One booming industry that’s somewhat misunderstood, but that has room for many more eco entrepreneurs, is green building, and more specifically, buildings that meet LEED certification for being greener and cleaner than traditionally constructed buildings.

LEED certification is sometimes seen as a greenwashing strategy for buildings, as many people don’t know what it entails, or what the benefits of green building according to the standards set for LEED certification are. However, LEED certified buildings have a very measurable advantage over other buildings, as they cost less to operate, and can have reduced water and energy bills (as much as 40% less than other comparable buildings).

So green building isn’t just a feel-good tactic, but one that can make smart business sense by saving the owners money day in and day out, long after the fact. Here’s a great overview of the real impact that LEED certification and green building are making on both the economic and environment fronts:

LEED Certification’s Impact On America By The Numbers

[repostus]LEED Certification’s Impact On America By The Numbers (via Clean Technica)

Green buildings create myriad benefits like reduced emissions and energy demand or happier and healthier employees, but those benefits can be hard to quantify, potentially creating skepticism about their bottom-line return on investment. And that’…