A Smart Water Meter that Powers Itself

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A Smart Water Meter that Powers ItselfIn many parts of the developed world, water is fairly cheap, so conserving our water use may not yield a huge savings on our monthly water bill.

However, our personal water bill only takes into consideration the direct cost of water to us, and not our related costs (to heat the water), nor does it capture the external or unquantified costs that increased demand on freshwater supplies can have. Therefore, reducing the amount of water used or wasted in our households could have a bigger impact on one of our most precious resources than we might think, and getting a handle on how and where and when we’re using water can contribute to the bigger picture of water conservation initiatives.

To that end, a new type of smart water meter aims to help home and business owners get a clearer picture of their water use, by delivering realtime data over WiFi, accessible via smartphone app or the web.

Driblet is a simple-to-install water metering device that fits any standard ½” water line (or, with an adapter, on ⅜” or ¾” pipes), allowing point-of-use data from any water line in the home, including both water flow and temperature. The Driblet sensor includes the capability for visual or audio alarms, as configured by the user, so excessive water use can be noted as it happens, and the data from the device can be analyzed or shared with others in order to help raise awareness of water wastage.

“Knowing your water print, in the home, condo, student housing, as a well owner, or even an entire nation can have a great impact. For example, families can change habits of consumption. Landlords can charge fair bills. Farmers can get real-time data of a remote well. Even local governments can support their efforts of sustainable energy with real data.

Driblet is the solution you were looking for! It offers cutting edge technology for the most accurate, tailored, and on-time measurements, at the tip of your fingers.” – Driblet

The Driblet also has another key feature that can make it simpler to maintain – it’s powered by the water that flows through it, so there’s no need to install it only where there’s an outlet, and there are no batteries to replace.

This Internet of Things smart water sensor is not yet on the open market, but is available for preorder starting at a cost of just $49 from Dragon Innovation.


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